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  1. Auto Gear Ratios: 2.95:1 1.53:1 1:1 0.765:1 Manual: 4.08:1 2.29:1 1.49:1 1:1 .881:1
  2. Feel like it has been forever, because it has. As all projects do It just keeps growing and seems to never be ready to get back in the sand. Will be back this season for sure. **completed -RTA- passed ! -Exhaust finished! -Auto trans just kept giving trouble under boost so swapped for manual. Not my preference in sand but I had to think long term and reliability. **Up Next -Currently wiring offroad lights into ECU so I can control them with Bluetooth display. -Finish tuning with Manual transmission -front diff bushings -newbie drive!
  3. Just quick note for those following : Stock Dynoed @ 200 wheel HP Toyota spec 235 brake HP at engine 15% driveline loss Supercharged- Dynoed @ 330 wheel HP Estimated 390 brake HP Total gain- 130 whp and 190bhp over stock. End of the day it's all just numbers that sound good really :). Torque curve and gain is more importnatn and as Gaurav has mentioned before, when that extra torque come in makes all the difference. Overall the SC has made the LC more fun to drive but I'm not convinced the extra power and heat make it valuable in the sand. Luckily my only intention with adding it was to because I like projects and turning wrenches :). Will keep fine tuning and testing for now. Plan for first temp drop to have it in the sand then to fully push it over cooler months. Only future upgrades planned - -Pass rta renewal ( not sure yet how) -Transmission upgraded valve body -Slightly lighter and more free flowing muffler without being loud.
  4. Would be easier to strip interior and loose all the extra weight then to make more power I think . You know me, I'm good on newbie and fewbie rides. Only put all this work and hp into it as a project. Could blow tomorrow for all i know. Still ready to try just need short easy ride to make sure kinks all worked out first.
  5. Finally back in Dubai from leave. Still have small issue I need to fix with Sub tank fuel pump but that is really all. Its a lot of new untested parts to bring in the the summer heat. Dont want to ruin a whole ride for everyone with a broken car. Will try to find a way to test it off the road but close to road just incase. Want to gain some confidence in the car before putting alot of pressure on it. Small update to above performance. As I fine tune ECU and also upgraded exhaust the HP is now 330+ hp to wheels at 5k rpm and 365 wheel torque at 4k rpm.
  6. Just under 7 psi max boost from the TRD supercharger. It was ported and polished in US along with rebuild and rotor recoating to be as efficient as possible and make less heat. Methanol injection from 4 psi up to keep it from knocking and Temps down. Bigger fuel pump and injectors to keep up with fuel demands. Much larger intake piping and performance filter so SC can breath. Maxxecu used for engine management is tuned conservatively on timing and fuel delivery to "hopefully " withstand the heat. Only other thing holding it together is Toyota engineering from 23 years ago, alot of preventive maintenance, and some prayers. If a rod bends, will rebuild and bolt everything back on I guess. My projects don't seem to ever finish just grow. Haha
  7. Pretty much done working through the big issues. Running great now. Will see how it does the next few weeks in the heat and fine tune anything that pops up. Hoping to get back in the sand with it on a newbie drive right after EID. Nice torque curve from low rpm all the way to a safely set Rev limit. Video is loud with all the dyno fans but Supercharge can easily out scream them haha. I'm not to happy I couldn't keep stock intake and filter but SC just wouldn't pull any air with all the bends and filter. Had to go with dry performance filter. Stock intake 233 whp - custom intake 303 whp Around 400 hp at crank now up from 235hp stock. Over 300 wtqe at 3k rpm so should be a little quicker even though she is still a fat tank of a car.
  8. Thanks Gaurav. I appreciate the compliment. Most of the work before was done by me. For this part I decided to trust a new garage . My only job this time was to pay and then do my best not to annoy them with messages of how it was going all day. I hope to have it back in the desert soon. As you know I spent lots of time and money to have it almost as reliable as new for my previous drives. With the addition of so many new parts, hoses, fuel lines, belts, and tuning It may be a little while before I am confident to bring it out. It will see the sand again but I will go through everything like before to minimize the risk as much as possible for messing up a drive with break down .
  9. Getting closer. Doing first checks. Closed loop idle on standalone ECU looks good. Hoping to see full tune on dyno Monday. And need to change bright yellow intake elbow haha
  10. Calling the project. Transformation from old, fat and slow to old, fat, and kinda slow. ,😂😂
  11. Little more progress. As all projects go, it's turning out twice as big as predicted, much higher cost, and plenty of unforseen problems. Have to remember the journey is more rewarding then the destination at the end of the day. Biggest downside so far is I had to turn over much of the work to a shop since the original US spec control module wouldn't work on my 99 GCC spec. This is over my knowledge level so they get to do the work and I get to pay and try to not stand over there shoulder being a bother. Haha
  12. Been stuck in US since November but finally back just in time for nice weather. Parts made it through checked luggage and customs :). WI'll start adding parts next week. So far only had time to add gauges to A pillar. Came out pretty good with some left over paint and heat gun. AFR and WM injection gauges for pending Supercharger install. Start of a long project! Trying to keep stock look as much as possible. Gauges messed it up but have to have them.
  13. Congrats on intermediate! 200 to beat on would be fun. I think it's very impressive to take LC100 to intermediate.
  14. All of this is true except for spare money. I use all the extra money on upgrading and replacing things on my LC. 😂
  15. Haha really don't want to. When they leak I will for sure.
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