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  1. Hi, i am not going to make it on this drive. I am hearing a weird sound in my car and want to get it checked before going on a drive. Have a great drive guys
  2. Hi sorry, I need to drop out of this one. have a great drive everyone
  3. Hi @Davie Chase I did not notice my waitlist was accepted till now. sorry will have to drop out. Have a great drive’
  4. Thanks again for the amazing drive @Ale Vallecchi was definitely one for the books 🙌 Here is a pic of the FJ duo from the top of Iftar dune
  5. Hey @Islam Soliman, sorry for the late notice, need to drop out of this drive. Have a great drive everyone!
  6. @Frederic thanks for response. Photos would have been right to do, but did not cross my mind. I brought it back to Toyota for them to inspect, and they checked the throttle body, there are no sand deposits in there. They are confident that if sand entered the engine there would be some accumulation in there so they say do not worry. I did see sand in the intake pipe after the 1 hour drive home, but it is really impossible to know exactly how much went through. Also, I did not see them open it up myself so I’m trusting that they won’t clean it up first to cover for themselves 😅 @Frederic yes stock box
  7. Hi everyone, unfortunately I am going to have to drop out of this drive. After a long session today, I noticed one clip on the air box was not back clipped on after the regular service that was done yesterday. It seems that a lot of sand might have been sucked into the engine as I can see sand above the filter, as well as in pipe leading to engine. I will be taking back to service centre first thing tomorrow to asses. have a great drive, see you on the next one 🙏
  8. Hi everyone, After a long fast-paced offroading session today with lots of cresting, I noticed one clip on the air box was not clipped back on. This was not clipped back after the regular service that was done yesterday. The air box had a lot of sand inside (under the filter but also some Above) and I can also see some sand in the pipe leading to the engine (this is after a 1 hour drive back home). I am worried about damage caused to the engine because of excessive sand getting in. I will be taking it to back to the service centre tomorrow either way, but just wanted to see community thoughts. Anyone have any advice/thoughts on how serious this is?
  9. Hey @Frederic I have just joined the drive, can you please add me to the convoy? Looking forward to a great drive!
  10. @Davie ChaseAhhh nice, got worried for a sec 😅 Looking forward to the drive
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