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  1. Hi @Wrangeld, unfortunately I can’t make it in the morning now! Sorry for the trouble, thanks anyway
  2. Christopher, I am not sure if I will have spot myself, but you can take my place in the WL (if this is possible....and @Roger allows it)
  3. Thank you very much to @Wrangeld, @Alexander Alcala and @Jeapee for a great morning drive, sorry I had to left immediately. I hope to see you soon.
  4. Thanks @Wrangeld, looking forward to meet you All tomorrow morning
  5. Hi @Wrangeld, thanks for your welcome email. I will answer your questions below: Vehicle: So far it doesn't have any modifications, about the vent dams, it its true, there are low, but so far I didn't have any issues, anyway I am planning to do some small modifications soon (change the front bumper and do the Level kit), is it a good idea? Experience: I have been off road multiple times mostly desert drives also many BBQs, but never had proper tuition/ instructions from experts, looking forward to learn from you guys. Regarding the last question, I love outdoors adventures, for
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