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  1. Yes @Frederic I have... @MuddassirT you can contact me with +971509004506 if you still look for it
  2. @Mohamad Anwer thank you very much brother. Yes I recently joined to the rolling stones club and as you said, even it was horrific while having it, we all know that this is happening and not rare. Fully agree with you that it is much better to look forward. Since my car went total loss now, I'll need a new desert toy. As soon as I have one, I'll be back on sand to drive with you again. Thank you for your wishes brother. See you soon 👋
  3. @Gertjan @Mohit Gurnani @Ishak it was great to be back in Sweihan after such a long time for me, on such a beautifully new terrain. We kept excellent pace and I really enjoyed the drive which was only 2 hours this time... Second half of the drive was also quite precious for me as it proved how much important having good friends beside you during challenging times... I cannot express my feelings when you all were helping me around with your full hands and warm smiles. Millions thanks to each one of you guys... ... and of course @Frederic ; since there is no word to type here to explain how was you that day, I won't even try. The lucky part of that day was you my buddy; this is not only about off roading but more about having a friend like you. Again and again thank you very much my brother... It may take sometime for me and my pajero to be back on the sand again, ... but I feel it will happen ... So see you soon then...👋
  4. No need to be sorry @Sunil Mathew, we all enjoyed working it out. It was good to feel the dessert breezing for me... After you exited, I had similar problem with my front right tyre pressure whooshing out... We inflated it once but it happened again, there was a big leak from the rim. We didn't have to replace it as it was ok with the high pressure but I had to complete the drive with 20 psi pressure. I'll check in the tyre shop if it is only some sand inside or similar problem with yours like bad beads around the rim. Let's see... Thank you @Looper @Varun Mehndiratta @george charbel @Juan R @premindra rajaram @Sebb for a wonderful drive. See you on the next!
  5. Very nice shot @Jaro Tuzinsky. Next time I will spare more time for you to shoot more 😉 Thank you again @Sunil Mathew @Mike M. @Jaro Tuzinsky @TT_Dubai @Brett Eicher @KAMALIO @Senthil Kumar for your flawless performance and support. We quickly made 60 km track covering all popular spots and looped back to the start point right on time! See you all on the next!
  6. Welcome marshal @GauravSoni 💪 Nice to see you there
  7. @Senthil Kumar @Suresh K @Harshal @Gerrit Bus @Brett Eicher @Arda Yagcioglu @Pacific Thank you all for your excellent performance allowing us to breeze on the dunes today; 47 km FB+ track without any single stuck... We quickly sorted out several issues with a smooth teamwork by everyone so then saved good time to play... @Senthil Kumar & @Pacific thank you buddies for your great support and keeping everything safe for us. @Joji varghese nice to hear nothing serious with your car. Sure we will meet on the sand soon... Have a lovely weekend & Merry Christmas
  8. Hey @Murtaza Bhuria @Nathan L @Yaseen87 @Gerrit Bus @Warren Flay @Bjoern @Harshal @Brett Eicher @Udit S @topgear @Joji varghese @Suresh K @Senthil Kumar @Arda Yagcioglu @Pacific @Nathan @Dodi Syahdar @Rob S Here are the convoys for tomorrow; See you all in the morning...
  9. Sure @Haitham Khattab , we'll revise the order. Good decision to enjoy your time tomorrow 👍
  10. CONVOY LIST "FEWBIE MEHMET" RADIO CHANNEL # 2 Hey @imranaasghar81 @Goh KP @Eduardo sos @premindra rajaram @Harshal @Brett Eicher @siddharth maheshwari @Haitham Khattab @Amir Amiri @Senthil Kumar @Karthik Raptor We will try a Fewbie "Minus" drive tomorrow to meet with friends in the middle of Qudra desert. The ones coming with families, kids, guests: pls check your passenger seat belts if they are all ok. Also tie your stuff (Bbq, tents, lights, foods, drinks, etc) safely in your trunks. Meeting time: 3.30 PM Meeting point: https://goo.gl/maps/UFx9UD41rvKGQMz69 See you tomorrow
  11. It is ok @Tareq Al Turq, we will do it next time. Thank you for your following 👍
  12. @Ignacio Quindós @Jaro Tuzinsky @Zulfikhar Naiyar @Miguel Codes @JamesThorn @TT_Dubai You all were amazing today guys! A flawless performance and we reached up Solar Park by smashing 81 km track 💪 ... wouldn't be possible with an ordinary convoy. Many times I had looped back to Faqa because of the time lost but our tempo was brilliant today. I think we found some ridges to whip there. No rope and no shovel other than mine but only a few reattempting. Good winching show by @Ignacio Quindós and @Miguel Codes in that terrible volcano pit at the top. I'm taking my negative words back about wranglers 😛 Nice shooting @Jaro Tuzinsky 👍 and great performance for a Pajero among those rhinos! @Ignacio Quindós and @TT_Dubai thank you guys for pulling and pushing the convoy. @Zulfikhar Naiyar @JamesThorn every one of you was your own support today. Let's do the opposite next time (from Qudra to Faqa). See you all soon!
  13. @Ignacio Quindós @Jaro Tuzinsky @Zulfikhar Naiyar @Miguel Codes @JamesThorn @Tareq Al Turq @Arda Yagcioglu @TT_Dubai Hey friends, here is the convoy order; We will be using channel#4 on the radio See you in the morning
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