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  1. xterra queen of the sands 😆😆 @Lawrence_Chehimi. @M.Seidam
  2. thanks @Kailasand the support team for the lovely extended drive 😆. was glad to meet new faces today and hope to see you all again.
  3. thanks everybody for the lovely drive. sorry i made you use your shovels today 😀. and @Janarthanhad to use all his offroad recovery gear today to help us 😀 safe travels @Tboneand huge congratulations on your new baby ! see you again in the sands.
  4. thanks @Ranjan Das. great to know you got our back today indeed a pleasant and super exciting drive today thanks to the challenging terrain and Nizwa and the lead of @Tboneand the Second lead @Tareck🤗🤗 see you in the next one.
  5. @Gilbert Khalilcongrats Gil !! good to know you are in Carnity
  6. HI Richard @Wrangeld, sorry i can't make it tomorrow, luckily for the other W/Lers enjoy the drive guys !
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