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  1. @Zed i am glad you are ok man. Seriously , i love your +ve vibes and energy. hopefully this will be your last bad incident . and i am glad that you weren't killed by your wife 😂. looking forward to see you soon
  2. first, i would like to thanks @Ale Vallecchi for making this drive happen. i would have to say its one of the most enjoyable Newbie drives i ever been part of. it was mix of most type of terrain, pace and difficulty combined with with a nice weather , amazing desert sand together with wonderful people . every one drove really well it was a pleasure to meet you all ( some of you for the 1st time ) @Klaus Pedersen, @Sajan.S, @Rashid Alseeni, @Ron.P , @rohit kumar, @Misha Puskar, @GeorgeFJ, @Siby I know how you might feel intimidated, ashamed and uncomfortable in some situations like stuck, refusals of certain maneuvers. your heart racing , sweating from everywhere and million thoughts crossing your mind !! this have happened to the best of us . but, what i would like to state that at @Carnity family you dont need to feel any of that as we don't judge you for these situations. we all share the love to Nature , Dessert and off-roading excitement and what makes us even happier is seeing the new members skills and confidence getting better by every drive. My Advice to all the newbie , get to know our car better ( maybe read the user manual ) check how to engage the diff-lock and 4L , check how to turn off Traction control, ABS, maybe a kill-switch is required in some situations etc. in addition to that remember that communication is prime in this sport! practice using the Radio and when you are having a stuck or a refusal announce your car number and the situation you are in and wait for the instruction from the Support or Marshal, and NEVER reverse without getting the clear instruction to do so as many times you might be reversing into a pit or even a cliff without you noticing. @Siby, i am glad that you only had a pop-out when you reversed down the hill ( God forbid ) it could have been much worse. i am sure lesson learned and you will be more in control of your car next time. @GeorgeFJ as @Ale Vallecchi already mentioned, you are always welcomed as long as you are willing to learn and get better every drive. Thank you @Patrick van der Loo for sweeping the convoy and making sure that no one is left behind. @Georges Kazan i will be posting some videos of the drive here i am not sure yours is part of them. anyone who have some pictures you could post them in the drive galley looking forward to see you all soon in the Sand 🍻
  3. hi @Ale Vallecchi would it be possible to add me to your drive support? thanks,
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