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  1. Lately I happen to notice that the power output of my 2013 3.5 Pajero is bit sluggish below ~3000 rpm and as soon as the rev goes above the ~3000 there is surge of power similar to a turbo kicking in if not that much intense... Especially when climbing high dunes it makes a difference, only if I am able to get enough run up to get the rpm above 3000 it goes through.. else the car completely goes slow goes and stalling.. I have done some research online and few of the thighs pointed out were faulty fuel filter, throttle valve, MAF sensor etc.. Has anybody else experienced the same and found a fix? OR is this the way power delivery is expected from 3.5... Seeking advise..
  2. Thanks @Warren Flay.... any recommendation on a good brand to go with on the suspension...?
  3. I am in the process of weighing the options of going in for an upgrade on the suspension and wheels for my 2013 SWB pajero.. I had gone through the previous threads and could see the below set of possible upgrades.... 1) Lift for 40 mm springs 2) Shocks upgrade 3) Upper control arm upgrade 4) Spacers for wheels 6) Wider set of wheels Not sure if I have missed any...Seek your advise and opinion in understanding how much improvement each of the above upgrades really bring in to the drive? which of it is necessary? is it better to go for a phase wise upgrade....? I am with the thought of going in with what is necessary only but has been recently fancying the idea getting a Dobinsons spring and shock kit...
  4. @Anish SAnother wonderful drive.. It was my first fewbie+ experience and i thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it... A good mix of technical and long dunes... both offering its own set of challenges to learn through.. last bit was good teamwork on recovery..... Most importantly its was pleasure meeting all, some of you for the first time.... Looking forward to the next drive....
  5. @Aisha Sglad u made it back safe and fast.. The way i see it we all had a short master class on dealing with pop outs… part n parcel of taming the dunes... @Chaitanya Dthanks for leading and coaching as through some of the essentials: safety, pop out fix process and most importantly dealing with ambiguity… also we had the best drive of the terrain and conditions had to offer.. @Josh T. U r simply amazing mate…. The support and energy u bring in to the drive… highly appreciate and enjoyed the team work and synergy with everyone… See u all in the next drive…
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