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  1. Keep pushing !! Great sequence for theses 3 shots. Thank you @Tom B
  2. Start... with a jump 😱, look at the interrupted track !
  3. Dear Friends, What an amazing day it was !! These full day drives are really what we are preparing for with our "normal" drives during the year. One of these days where all what we learned and practiced become used "for real". Going deep inside the desert far from any road, power line, farm or any other sign of civilisation. Navigating through these untouched dunes, experiencing this feeling of immensity, knowing that we have to find our way by ourselves, crossing the obstacles one after the other. We also experienced that we were progressing as a team, knowing that we could support each other, and that together we had the capability cross this environment, find solutions to solve any difficult or blocking situation. And we were rewarded, of course reaching the famous yellow truck, which was the target of the day, but also these thrilling bowls of oversized dimensions, these steep slip faces, where our cars were barely leaving a scar at the surface of the sand, these amazing sceneries, discovering from the top of a ridge some dark rocky formations or a dense palm tree oasis. Thank you for your pictures in the gallery where you have captured some of these moments. @Haitham Khattab, big thank you for the quality of your assistance as second lead, avoiding to the situations where I was stuck, and pulling me out when needed. And in addition, beautiful driving and communicative enthusiasm from your copilot! @Sunil Mathew, excellent driving, being careful at the beginning in the bowls, and gaining confidence through the drive. I'm sure you totally enjoyed the last ones. @Rob S thank you for your precious support, always ready with your shovel, and also skillfully rerouting the second part of the convoy in the tricky technical patches. @Tom B maneuvering your heavy car in the super soft sand, and pushing it high in the bowls was a challenge, you went through with a great skill. @Gok Krish you could enjoy the first part, and I can't imagine how frustrating it was to have to leave the convoy in the middle. Despite this you didn't loose your happy mood and big smile. And you managed your way out in a very reasonable manner. Hopefully you will have another opportunity to complete the drive very soon. @Santoso Marjuki, your blue jeep was passing through any obstacle and climbing any face. Keep an eye on your fishtailing for a better and safer control. @Imteeaz beautiful drive, always in control and accurate in your lines @Mario Cornejo big thank you for the reliable sweep. and watching the white Patrol high in the big faces was a bliss ! It was a pleasure also to meet the other convoys of @Chaitanya D with @M.Seidam and @Asif Hussain, and to know that they could also reach the Yellow Truck and exit without major issue. @Asif Hussain, it was a pleasure to meet you, and big thank you for the assistance for exiting @Gok Krish. Looking forward to the next full day adventure !
  4. Dear Friends Enjoy the evening, especially if you are camping. Make sure you take enough rest for tomorrow. The proposed convoy order is below, we can adjust before the drive if needed. We will decide the radio channel before the drive. Drive safely to the meeting point, and see you tomorrow morning !
  5. Dear Desert Divers, @Haitham Khattab @Sunil Mathew @Rob S @Tom B @Gok Krish @Santoso Marjuki @Imteeaz @Mario Cornejo Last checks for tomorrow's drive. Please make sure that your vehicle is in the best conditions, that you have a spare wheel , and the tools to change it. Take all your recovery gears (rope, soft shackles, D shackles, jack, ...) Make sur you have min 100l fuel total with you. If you need jerrycan(s) ensure they are properly strapped inside or outside the car, and take a funnel with you. Welcome to the two last joiners @Imteeaz and @Santoso Marjuki, please make sure you read totally all the posts above, and comply with the recommendations. Any question you can ask here or to my WhatsApp +971 5 8862 0942. If you drive in the morning from Dubai, please make sure you allow for sufficient time to refill close to the meeting point (it might be busy) and you have a bit of rest before going into the 8h drive. I will share later today the convoy orders, stay tuned !
  6. Sorry to hear that @Beide Worku despite all the planning and preparation efforts... I'm sure you will have another opportunity. Thanks for infoming
  7. @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler, thank you for joining the Support Team !
  8. Congratulations, @Mike M., more drives to enjoy with the White Rhino !
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