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  1. Dear Desert Divers, @Haitham Khattab @Sunil Mathew @Rob S @Tom B @Gok Krish @Santoso Marjuki @Imteeaz @Mario Cornejo Last checks for tomorrow's drive. Please make sure that your vehicle is in the best conditions, that you have a spare wheel , and the tools to change it. Take all your recovery gears (rope, soft shackles, D shackles, jack, ...) Make sur you have min 100l fuel total with you. If you need jerrycan(s) ensure they are properly strapped inside or outside the car, and take a funnel with you. Welcome to the two last joiners @Imteeaz and @Santoso Marjuki, please make sure you read totally all the posts above, and comply with the recommendations. Any question you can ask here or to my WhatsApp +971 5 8862 0942. If you drive in the morning from Dubai, please make sure you allow for sufficient time to refill close to the meeting point (it might be busy) and you have a bit of rest before going into the 8h drive. I will share later today the convoy orders, stay tuned !
  2. Sorry to hear that @Beide Worku despite all the planning and preparation efforts... I'm sure you will have another opportunity. Thanks for infoming
  3. @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler, thank you for joining the Support Team !
  4. Congratulations, @Mike M., more drives to enjoy with the White Rhino !
  5. Hi @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler, we will miss you, but I'm sure you will enjoy the next day. Thanks for informing.
  6. Dear Desert Drivers, @Haitham Khattab @Sunil Mathew @Rob S @Tom B @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler @Gok Krish @Beide Worku @Chris Wing @Mario Cornejo Thank you for signing up for the full day Yellow Truck drive. A few but very important pointers below. Please read them carefully. 1. Please ensure that you are there at the meeting point on 7:30 AM SHARP. As there is a long distance to drive if you leave in the morning, make sure to leave ahead of time and keep at least 30mins spare time for refueling or a tea break. 2. Get lots and lots of rest the previous day. The more the better as this terrain will not only challenge your vehicle but your mind as well. We would need your complete focus, and fatigue due to less rest is the last thing that is needed on such a terrain. For those who prefer camping the previous night, you can do so at the starting point as its a nice spaced out area. Bring some firewood incase if you wish to have a bonfire to keep you warm. Cleaning up after the bonfire is mandatory. 3. Ensure that your 4x4 is well serviced recently and all the lubes and fluids are topped up. A vehicle breakdown in this terrain will result in not reaching our beloved Yellow Truck so please do the needful to get your 4x4 in the best possible condition. 4. You will be needing 100 litre total fuel amount before starting the drive. For example, if your existing fuel tank is 80L, then you need to bring a 20l jerrycan with you, safely strapped inside the vehicle (or outside if you have a suitable bracket or holder). Make sure your main tank is full. There is an ADNOC 15mins away on the way to the meeting point. Location of last Fuel Station: https://goo.gl/maps/Ug1sGJE1PP6eJBJNA 5. Spare tyre should be in good working condition. If not been used recently, ensure that you take it out and check the condition properly. Also ensure that you have the wrench that can be used to remove your tyre (if needed). In the past we have seen that people upgrade their tyres but still keep the the original wrench which is of no use to remove the upgraded tyre. So please ensure that your car has the right tool to remove the tyres (if needed). 6. Air compressor, proper shovel, flag, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, radio. Recovery gears as soft shackles, D shackles, Tug/kinetic ropes, straps, jack if you have etc... 7. Fully charged radio (tuned to all Carnity Frequencies) with spare battery / radio. If you have a car charger for your radio, please bring it along. 8. Car charger / battery pack for your mobile. 9. Plenty of water, approx 5 litre per person. 10. Bring along your breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc in easy to eat packing. We shall be having breaks in between the drive. 11. Dry food, energy bar, cookies, nuts, crisp to munch while driving 12. Bring garbage bags along to carry your trash. Littering in the desert is strictly prohibited. Please make sure all the off-road gears, jerrycan, and any other item in the car is strapped properly. Please take this event seriously and understand that this terrain, due to its remoteness and size of the dunes will challenge everyone on this drive. If you decide to bring passengers, please make sure they have spent a full day already in a vehicle in the desert and are used to it. There are hardly any nearby exit tracks and rerouting might take hours, so once we are in this terrain the aim is to complete the entire drive and visit the Yellow Truck.
  7. Well managed @M.Seidam, taking the time to analyze the situation, and putting in place what is required to limit the stress on the vehicles, and the risks for everyone ! I was stuck in similar situation in my last drive, and managed to get out thanks to the capabilities of the car But I realize afterwards that it would have been difficult to recover. I will keep in mind your step by step approach for the next one !
  8. Nice pics in the gallery, thank you @Joji varghese @Waqas Parvez @Vaibhav ! @ASAD., thank you for sharing the feedback on beadgrips !
  9. Dear Friends, It was a pleasure to drive with you this morning. Faqa proved one more time to be a beautiful area, with lots of possibilities. I think we made the most of it, with the technical part at the beginning, and these amazing long ridges parallel to each others. The beauty of an homogeneous IM convoy as we had today, is that as a lead I can just do whatever I like, go check that dune, go look at this bowl, let's see how long we can take the ridge .... and the convoy follows Ok in a few occasions, I could not climb a slip face, or I was trapped in a soft pocket, we had also a few stucks and refusals, but we had a great experience. and when I finally got crested, it was a sign that it was time to exit. Excellent driving from all of you, especially from the middle of the convoy to the back, were the sharp ridges where rounded, but the sand much churned. Many thanks @Joji varghese for an excellent 2nd lead, you were concentrated with excellent reactions when needed. Thank you @Vaibhav for watching the back of the convoy as sweep, with nice comms as usual, @Rob S @Waqas Parvez and @Rajiv Sam for the support, and all of you for helping the recoveries when needed. @ASAD., I hope your tire will be repaired or replaced without too much hassle and @Vaibhav your electronics back in order. Enjoy the weekend, and see you in Liwa YT for who are participating !
  10. @Senthil Kumar, honestly, I doubt that an important necessity to travel showed up suddenly between 6pm and now 9:30 pm. This is really not fair for the 2 members in WL who where excluded from the drive.
  11. Dear All @Joji varghese @Rajiv Sam @Chris Wing @Sunil Mathew @Rob S @ASAD. @Waqas Parvez @Senthil Kumar @Gok Krish @Vaibhav Final call for tomorrow Meeting at 6:30 am at https://goo.gl/maps/WbWFK5iwurzey1dF8 The convoy order will be We will use Radio Channel 4 Enjoy the evening, take as much sleep as you can, and see you in the morning !
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