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Summer Off-road Adventures


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  1. @Ale Vallecchi a weird question but can I bring my wife and two kids as well for tomorrow's drive?
  2. Hi, This was my 2nd Newbie drive where we drove for more than 50 KM and I enjoyed this the most. This time I learnt one of the feature of my Pajero which I was unaware of for the past 7 years and that is driving in Tiptronics. In my past drives I was driving in D and might be due to that my transmission was over heating. Thanks @Jeepie and @Vanessa8580 for rescuing me from this. After this @Naveen Raj shows me the magic i.e. the Tiptronic driving. Thanks to him for showing me the amazing thing. I really feel the difference of power in first attempt itself. I feel that this might resolve my tr
  3. Very good experience. In this drive I was more confident in comparison to my absolute newbie drive. We drove more than 25 km and very less refusals. Special thanks to @Wrangeld @Jeepie for leading us to the desert. Also @Gaurav Soni helped in each of the difficult situations. Got many tips from him regarding my Pajero and my drive as well. Looking for next week... 🚙🚙
  4. I saw the raptor flying on Friday 😃.
  5. Hi, It was an extra ordinary experience for me. I was having butterflies in my stomach since I joined the club and opted for my first drive. As we all are Absolute Newbies drivers, we all had refusals during drive. I had 2 times refusals but learnt a lot in the refusal conditions as well. It was totally team effort when ever any one was in a refusal state. @Vanessa8580 and @Jeepie were superb in guiding and moving us out of the refusals. In total a complete THUMBS UP to the drive. Looking forward to the next drive. Yogi... 👍
  6. Hi Vanessa, Yesterday I bought Safety Flag (60 AED), Tire Guage (25 AED) and Boafeng UV-5R (70 AED) from Dragon Mart. Still Air Compressor is pending and I am not sure which one to buy.. 🤔 Please suggest. Excited and waiting for this drive. Regards, Yogi
  7. Hi, I am driving a 2014 Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4 with tow hooks at front and back. No experience in desert driving. Hoping to get a good start with your guidance on coming Friday 😁 Regards, Yogesh (aka Yogi)
  8. Hi Wrangeld, Thanks for guiding me to the right driving lesson. Done the things as per your suggestion. Regards,
  9. YOGG30


  10. Hi, This will be my first Off-Road trip. can someone share me the google coordinates of our Starting point.
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