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  1. Dear @Hisham Masaad, @Mahmoud Taha, @Davie Chase, @Waqas Parvez and @ASAD., as well as all the drivers! Thank you very much fot today! Great driving! Attaching some pics here. Sorry, couldn't capture everyone. Cheers! Yerem
  2. Dear @Ale Vallecchi and team, sorry for last minute, but have to skip today, please enjoy the drive!
  3. Dear @Hisham Masaad, my apologies will need to drop out from this drive. Have fun in the sand!
  4. Awesome! That's a major convoy of 18 see you all tonight!
  5. Dear @Gaurav and team, my apologies, will have to drop out from tomorrow's drive. Have fun in the sand!
  6. Sure, I removed my RSVP last night and I see other names added from the WL. Enjoy the drive!
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