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  1. it was perfect choice of the area today morning. I have learn good lesson what to do & not ?. Keep learning more. Thanks to @Ale Vallecchi,@Brette,@Maynak. Always good to learn in ur umbrella @Brette. have a great weekend and see you the next weekend again.
  2. Congratulations Mike. it was nice drive together. hope we can meet again and have drive again. let’s make Pajero power together @@@
  3. Hi it’s my pleasure to have drive with Carnity. it was nice drive with all of them. Apologize for the Pajero but sooner I will fix it. Seems it is only 6,000Km driven. It is difficult to play with any electronics system with car otherwise habtoor will not honor any warranty claim later. keep posted you. What they will find out in their investigation. Mr. Islam - Fantastic coach ever. Mr. Davie - I don’t have word but it was amazing. Every each moment he is watching us and giving good support to take care of movement to drive safe. Ahmed - Hope car is good back to track soon. Thanks you everyone. good night take care stay safe
  4. Pajero - Signature- 3.8 V6 - Black edition Few drive I have did with Group Car already modified partially for off road.
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