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  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch @Bjoern well deserved and enjoy the new level.
  2. @GauravSoni I was so excited about this weekend and drive, unfortunately i will need to stay in bed:( guys have a great fun.
  3. Congratulations @Krishna R well deserved and enjoy this level, this weekend?:)
  4. Well deserved @Patrick van der Loo congratulations! I am looking forward another common drive! This weekend?:)
  5. I am looking forward for this morning, now 5 days of waiting:) Anyone considering to camp close to the meeting point?
  6. @Davie Chase thank you very much, i am looking forward for this Saturday morning:)
  7. Well deserved @Davie Chase and it was proved the last weekend. Congratulations!!
  8. Well done @Looper congratulations! See you next time.
  9. @Davie Chaseand @M.Seidam It was an excellent chosen drive. I enjoyed it a lot, even my son was so happy first 2 hours. Unfortunately his stomach wasn’t so strong, but he was fine on way home. Our community is amazing, both of your proven it today, you are good ambassadors of our values. Always i feel safe that each Saturday morning drive there are at least 10 comrades ready to support each other.. the best part of live in Dubai:) everybody did a fantastic job, we flu today, definitely it was a higher level than fewbie one, have a great weekend and see the next one.
  10. @Pavel Pashkovskiypozdravlayu and enjoy your new level with our big @Carnity family.
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