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  1. @Brette thank you for the support and the amazing precaution and safety that was taken in consideration till the exit point, it was unfortunate but it was still worth learning something new yet again, and thank you all the convoy members for the patience and support till the end. Will see you guys soon. Until next time 🤙
  2. @Chaitanya D Thank you so much for this first wonderful experience and the way you and @Islam Soliman made us feel confident and comfortable to face all the challenges, the convoy members @Prakash Anoop @Bharath Rao never felt like are driving for the first time which helped me feeling more comfortable and secure in the whole drive, the recoveries and the dune crossing were one of the best moments for me in the drive, as those were the actual time the whole feeling safe and secure part was tested and you guys made it look so easy. I have got some very sound advise and suggestions from you @Chaitanya D which I will be implementing in the future drives to come, and for the videos that I have are too big files to upload here but you can surely check it out on my Instagram handle "juzertalib" where I will be uploading it on my IGTV with some editing for a better experience 😉 Cheers.
  3. @Brette yes will be getting the flag pole and radio, have got the deflation tool with gauge. See you on Friday inshallah.
  4. Hello @Brette Wanted to know if I am eligible for this drive? I am driving 2017 Renault Koleos 2.5 LE 4WD with 4x4 Lock mode and Auto mode. Have a proper compressor both the tow points are good, have attended the absolute newbie drive last Friday at Al Qudra with @Chaitanya D.
  5. @Chaitanya D Hello to all the members, totally excited and nervous at the same time. 1 more day to go🙃
  6. Thank you, and yes there is rear tow point and front one as well which is never been used, the rear one was used once when I was stuck in half desert so that's also fine. Attaching the picture for reference.
  7. Hello Mr Chaitanya, This is my first drive with carnity and I have basic sand driving experience, mostly driving in dubai half desert, I am driving a 2017 Renault Koleos LE 4WD 2.5L with a slight upsized wheels 235 65 r18s, and have the compressor deflator gauge tow belt shackle and a shovel on board. Looking forward to this drive and experience.
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