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  1. @ASAD. sorry to hear you are having so many issues with your bead grip tyres. As you know, I have identical rims and have been really pleased with them. @Rob S and @Karthik Raptor are equally as pleased with them I believe. Rob is running with Geolanders, whereas I am running with Coopers and Karthik is running with BF's. So could very well be down to the set of geolanders you got.
  2. @Rizwanm2 thank you for this morning's drive. It was a lot of fun, especially with the small convoy. I enjoyed the area, which I hadn't been to before. Such bad luck that the shackle broke. @Haitham Khattab @Beide Worku nice meeting you both for the first time. Well driven and look forward to driving with you next week in Liwa. @Alexanderrr good to see you again buddy. Until next time.
  3. Hi @Rizwanm2. Very much looking forward to this. As it stands, are you still planning to go ahead with the drive given we are only 3, plus yourself? (Hoping so.... because with such a small convoy, in this area, it will be a blast!).
  4. Great write-up @Frederic. Searching through Carnity pages some time back I noticed that the club used to do Wadi drives every now and again. Is there plan this winter to organise one or two Wadi drives? I have done the likes of Shawka, but was hoping Carnity might try and organise one or two drives in more remote /less visited areas.
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