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  1. @Waqas Parvez congratulations for the promotion buddy 👏 is well deserved. Looking forward for the next drive with you.
  2. Congratulations @GauravSoni,indeed nothing can stop you from going forward. P.S we really need to do the Pajero bowl challenge 😁💪😅
  3. @Warren Flay it is sad to see you leaving , it was always fun driving with you . i wish you all the best in your new adventure , hopefully we will cross paths again.
  4. Well done my friend @Tareq Al Turq for opening a new chapter, which will come with much faster pace , a lot of fun ,much more bumps and responsibility . get ready to conquer the sands 💪😁 🍻. looking forward to see you on the next drive
  5. Congrats @Gertjan for your new level promotion, looking forward to drive with you soon . 🍻
  6. Congratulations @Jessica Lambert for the new level promotion
  7. Congratulations @Ahmad Nerat, you have a beast under your command . be safe and enjoy the new level . well done my friend 💪
  8. Congratulations @Bashar Beasha . you are a really good driver when it comes to control your car in the sand and a fast learner as i have noticed your skills improvement after each drive. very well deserved promotion and keep up the good job 💪
  9. @munkybizness unfortunately i had to skip this drive, but reading what you have written feels like i have been part of it... keep it up buddy
  10. @Looper, driving back for 3.5 hours to dubai is too much , so i decided to go home the faster way 😅🤣
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