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  1. @GauravSoni, i am not experiencing any vibration at the moment , but i did when my engine and gearbox mount needed to be replaced
  2. it was the shortest warm-up ever ( i would say 5 tire rotations 😅) before @Hisham Masaad unleashed the Power of his Fj against the soft big dues of shuwieb, where everyone tired to keep up with his pace . The unfortunate event with @Ranjan Das Jeep changed the plan into finding the safest and nearest exit which was amazingly planned by @Hisham Masaad and @Islam Soliman and executed by the mighty @Karthik Raptor Bro amazing driving, it not the V8 that made it possible but its the great driver behind the wheel ( Hats Off ).💪 Shuwieb is really unexpected, as @Hisham Masaad and @Islam Soliman went to find a safe exit , i got myself pulled into a very soft and relatively small pocket but them saved by the rope of our wonderful Support @Waqas Parvez ( thanks Man for the Tug) . The friendship bond that you can feel between the convoy member was very interesting to witness on that day . usually we don't get the chance as much to sit, chat, and discuss different topics. but you could tell that everyone was worried about @Ranjan Das car and hoping to get it out to the safezone in one piece. @Imteeaz flowless SL @Sunil Mathew @MMansoor , @ASAD., @Mohamad Anwer @Vaibhav always great to see you guys, i am sure we will conquer shuwieb next time 💪. @Ranjan Das i hope your car issue is fixed , looking to see you soon .
  3. @Looper thanks for the nice shot 👌
  4. @Nathan L well done and congratulations on the new level .... looking forward to meet you again in the sand .
  5. @Sunil Mathew loosing concentration while booking @Hisham Masaadintermediate drives is like loosing concentration while ridge riding highest sweihan dunes at 100 kmph .... very dangerous is would say 😂
  6. Dr. @M.Seidam congratulations 🎊 for the promotion, well deserved !! Looking forward driving with you again soon ....
  7. @Srikumar i am in boss. My heart rate jumped up through the roof when i have seen that you have added me to the drive ...lool
  8. @Tom B that was such an amazing intense drive.... I am wondering how is it gonna be at intermediate level this time 😅.
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