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  1. Come on guys you have to have a pajero on this drive.!!!! It wont be as exciting 😔 I am sure@Mohamad Anwer agrees with me 🤣. P.s i have 2 shovels 🤣
  2. I have certainly missed and amazing drive😔 , i hope there will be a rerun of this drive.
  3. Congratulations @Hisham Masaad 🥳well deserved . A Natural leader by all means ..
  4. I would like to thank you Dr. @Chaitanya D for the nice smooth drive . As always its a pleasure to dive with you as every drive is a different leering experience . The convoy drove quite nicely, with a few refusals and stucks here and there which is a normal part of this game. most importantly is to learn from each and every situation. special thanks to @Tareq Al Turq for his great job as a 2nd lead and @Zixuan Huang - Charliefor supporting the convoy and @Danish Mohammadfor sweeping the convoy and making sure all of us safe. it was a pleasure meeting all the new faces as well as the old friends during the drive . and thanks everyone who helped us with the shoveling during the recoveries . @Andrei S @Yerem Davtyan@premindra rajaram @Benjamin @Ahmed Wagdy @Rayas Ali Please share the drives pictures in the gallery section. looking forward to seeing you all again soon.
  5. Omg all the big boys are joining the party... unfortunately will be travelling on sunday 😪 so i wont be joining this wonderful madness. Hit it hard boys and dont forget to take some really nice pictures and videos if possible.
  6. Thanks @M.Seidam for the interesting and challenging drive today. We have experienced all kind of terrain today. I would live to do it again , maybe spend some more time at the little swehan are. And congratulations Dr. For the 💯 drives ( we need to celebrate it next time) @GauravSoni thanks for your support as always . Especially i loved your idea to cover the rocks with sand. To all my other friends thanks alot for making it a lovely drive and looking forward to see you all soon
  7. Hi @GauravSoni thank you for the advice and you are right it is related to the air intake system . after trying to investigate the issue for a long time i figured out that the sound is coming from the front part of the air intake because i fixed an insulation foam ( which was a bit bigger than the original one and causing an air flow restriction then the hood was closed ). i have checked the following reading which seems normal: 1. vacuum ( around -20 at idle it goes up to - 0.5 when i rev up ) 2. AFR its always within the 14.7 value nd can go down to 11.5 when i rev it up 3. Intake pressure between 4 and 11 Psi
  8. @M.Seidam it was an interesting drive and looking for the next Sunday drive . i would also loved to have a night drive again
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