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  1. Dear @Frederic, Thank you so much for your clarification. This was actually my main concern. I'd checked the spec sheet and found the 7.3 inch clearance. And initially checked the FAQ and it suggested "We highly recommend and encourage everyone to drive their stock vehicle first to assess its capabilities." which encouraged me to go on with this. Probably that was the reason no Sorento mentioned in the list of vehicles. Although I saw SantaFe and CX9 both of similar specs and thought why not. Can you please advise what is best for me to do next? Is modifying my ride a good optio
  2. Hello Vanessa, I do not have any previous off-road experience. I'll be joining in a Kia Sorento. It's an AWD. As per the instructions I checked the height of front and back bumpers, it seems to be over 8 inches as required. And the tow points are circular hooks as shown here. Please advise if this is good enough? Thanks.
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