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  1. Thank you @Asif Hussain for the amazing lead, @Chaitanya D for the incredibile support and @Simon Dawood for sharing the experience with me. Here is the only pic I can share directly (from my phone) videos will take a bit longer.
  2. Apparently the diesel is an unpleasent smell and those animals tend to stay away, but I don't know how effective it is. An if there are alternatives I'd rather go with another method
  3. Thank you, I had already checked that amazing post, and even acknowledged it in mine. My doubts remain unanswered
  4. First of all I'd like to thank @Chaitanya D for this amazing post on dangerous scorpions and vipers. My question is twofold: 1) is there any valid prevention strategy to keep critters away while camping in the desert? I heard some guys bring a bottle of diesel and they make a circle around the camp. I don't like the approach and I'm asking for alternatives 2) in case of being stung/bitten it's important to visit the closest clinic/hospital. I'm trying to come up with a full list of sites that actually have anti-venom. I called DHA, was bounced to 1 million phone numbers and emai
  5. I'm surprised this post received relative little interest. I'm quite interested into understanding how we can prevent serious consequences. I'll open a new post on the same. Meanwhile a suggestion I was given is to carry a bottle of diesel, and make a circle around the camp to repel snakes and critters alike. I don't particularly like to approach. Any alternative?
  6. I will be camping there tomorrow. is there mobile coverage at the meeting spot? Looking forward to this!
  7. @Asif Hussain is the drive still on in spite of the fact that only 3 people subscribed? Will we merge this with the other full day newbie drive happening in the same day? Second question: does this count as 1 or 2 drives, being full day, in relation to the newbie to fewbie "promotion"?
  8. That's an amazing, super detailed and personalised report, thank you for the time. In Italian "grazie per lo sbattimento! 😉 "
  9. Thank you @Lorenzo Candelpergher for the amazing lead, @Russfor the incredibile support, and the whole team for the fun drive! I'll be posting shortly the path we took in Gaia GPS compatible format. @Lorenzo Candelpergher and especially @Russ who was closer to me during the drive, any feedback is more than welcome, feel free to PM me 😉
  10. thank you very much @Mario Cornejo! Any advice on the dongle to buy? I've read several stories about incompatibilities...
  11. I bought this thing: The reviews are a lot and all good, and it's quite cheap. So I gave it a try. I've not tried it yet, will let you know as soon as I do
  12. Newbie question here. I searched in the forum and wasn't able to find the topic in subject addressed. In my 2021 Patrol Safari I got TPMS. The thing is that it shows only the alert in case the pressure is low, but it does not give me the indication on the actual value. I was wondering if I could read the value through the OBD port. I also checked on that part of the forum and did not find anything. I was hoping to leverage what the car already comes with, instead of replacing the TPMS and get an alternative system to read the tyre pressure. The aim is not to use it during d
  13. After trying the rapid tyre deflator (brand Lele) and struggling a bit due to its unreliability, I'm now happy with the following simple deflators. I screw them in, 1 min, unscrew, and adjust the last 1-2psi manually, checking with the gauge. Plus, I have to say, they make a very fancy key holder 😄
  14. I have a question here on the "how to utilize its power". Here is the graph of the engine performance of the TB48DE in question: By "good utilization" do you mean I should stick around 3k-4k revs to benefit from the higher torque? Imagine I'm climbing uphill, around 4k rev, I feel struggling, should I step more on the gas or let the torque due the magic and hope for the best? It seems to me that stepping on the gas in this scenario will make the situation worse instead of better. Thank you for your advice in advance
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