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  1. @Islam Soliman salam my car is Ford Raptor Grey. It’s showing the old car in the list.
  2. @Islam Soliman Thank you Islam for adding me to the drive. I will be there inshallah.
  3. Hi @Chaitanya D I am unwell and unfortunately can’t attend todays drive I’ve removed myself from the event so anyone else can join hope to part of the next drive inshallah thank you
  4. Thanks @Alex Raptor and @Wrangeldfor the fantastic drive. 4x4 infants are now toddlers looking forward to be part of the next drive with both of you inshallah
  5. Hi @Wrangeld thanks for your message im driving a 2021 nissan patrol V8. Just bought it Alhamdulillah I have the off-road kit that came with the car. Not much experience driving in the desert. will watch the videos to get started. See you tom inshallah
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