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  1. Good point. It’s a long way to go and then find a “no entry” sign! Any thoughts on how I’d find out in advance?
  2. That’s most helpful and much appreciated! Cheers!
  3. Thanks for your reply, Frederic. You are right about beach driving (and camping) bringing some unique considerations/risks.
  4. Been looking for a camping location that combines a bit of off-road driving (Grand Cherokee Trailhawk accessible, not just my Wrangler) and beach. Any recommendations? Any routes to share? Heard of Al Dhafra in Abu Dhabi but don’t know anyone who’s been. Hoping to avoid crowds and not to be staring at hotels, houses, or industrial sites! Thanks!
  5. I'm more a man of crinkled aluminum foil than of steel, but thanks! I reckoned that was why you had me do it and it's good advice when likely to be stationary at a 35 degree list to the port side for an extended period. It was toasty warm, for sure, but caught plenty of breeze off the top of the dune. Caught plenty of sand too, which took a while to vacuum out!
  6. Thanks for this shot, Jonny! It appears I have a non-functioning break light that I need to get fixed!
  7. Thanks so much for having me along, gents! It was a great morning, with plenty of variety, some stellar views, and a couple of small "community service projects" along the way. Carnity to the rescue! Take care, y'all.
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