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  1. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi for the beautiful drive. A nice mixture of speed, technical dunes and some challenging areas on the way. Unfortunately I cannot make the next deep purple drive due to work, but will definitely look forward to doing more of these drives soon. As always a pleasure to drive with all of you and see you soon! P.S: I posted some pictures in the gallery 📸! @Jessica Lambert This one below is for you!
  2. Congratulations @Haitham Khattab for the very well-deserved promotion 🎉👏 Looking forward to our next drives together!!
  3. Thank you @GauravSoni for the very fun, fast-paced drive. It was great to cover many areas of the UAE dessert, including Badayer and Big Red which are definitely some of my favourite areas to drive in (and also great for keeping adrenaline levels up!!!) As always, thank you to @Haitham Khattab for another great SL and to @salah2u for his support in the sweep position. Many thanks to @Simon Dawood as well for his great support as the CF which definitely kept the pace of the drive up. @Yusuf Esaf, I’m happy to hear that your car is fine and ready to hit the dunes again! @Sam K @Tareq Al Turq @Gerrit Bus @Salim Akhtar great to see you all again Always a pleasure to drive with all of you guys and looking forward to our next drive together!
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