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  1. What opinion would you guys share if the the 2018 Toyota Fortuner V6 4L came into the picture vs The Prado? The maintenance is cheaper for sure and it has a rear diff ( )... looks like it has less hp but also lighter than the Prado.
  2. @Gaurav Morning... 5am sharp means arrive by 5am latest... or deflated and ready to start driving at 5am?
  3. Thank you for all the amazing feedback! I think it clear the Nissan is out of the picture... Still like the idea of a rear diff... so will need to consider this. Maybe look for a 2nd hand fortuner which has a rear diff.
  4. Good day to all, need some advice please... The opportunity has come up to purchase either a 2018 Prado V6 4L or 2019 Nissan Patrol V6 4L, the idea would be to use it for light off roading (sand 70%/ mountain 30%), camping with the family which we love (3 of us...), and my daily driver - short drive to work... Both are really great on road as I have test driven them... Main question is from an off rad perspective, which is the better all round offroad cabable car? (nothing crazy My concerns are that the Nissan is "heavy" and that the Prado doesn't have a rear diff lock (only centre diff). Some perspective would help... Thanks,
  5. Hi @Islam Soliman, Driving a 2009 Toyota Fortuner, 2.7L, V4 - front and rear recovery points are in-place. Recently completed the Masterclass with Carnity and did a few drives with a private friends group.
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