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  1. Guys, have to jump out of the drive, unfortunately my car will not be back from the garage in time... despite many promises
  2. @Vishnu Ramankutty unfortunately I cant help with the warranty part of your concerns... which is a very valid point! Would say its best to get this in writing some how as a verbal conversation might backfire should issues arise later (hopefully not)! If I remember correctly you have the V6 4L Fortuner? I drive a Prado, however had similar concerns when I started my journey with Carnity regarding basic modification and would share the following: after fitting a front skid plate and doing a bumper trim (after giving it a few knocks during my newbie drives) did help solve my problem with the front bumper ground clearance issue and more importantly gave me the confidence when faced with steeper departure or approach angles when climbing and descending. Best advice I got from the Forum/ Seniors is to drive my car stock for as long as I can, before investing in modifications which might be unnecessary and or would later regret. And to comment on your last sentence: Remember its a Toyota it can go anywhere!
  3. @Looper WOW WOW!!! What an introduction to the Fewbie level it was!!! Was that a classical Fewbie drive? Action from the 1st dune to the last dune - absolutely no time to even blink my eyes! Definitely a step up from the newbie level, enjoyed the faster and smoother flow/ pace of the convoy..., refusals, pop outs and other issues are quickly dealt with... and the radio communication from everyone was 1st class - clear and precise - like A380 Pilots! Just when I though the drive was over as we quickly cruised over the open plain, you pulled a magical surprise - I wont forget "Little Sweiham" for a long time... hell man that was insane - well at least for me! How did I... ...we get through that??? What did I take from the drive: I lost the track 1 or 2 time on the side slopes - and quickly remembered not to fight gravity as this was embedded in my mind from all the previous pre-drive briefings. I steered down regained my momentum and just came back up to regain my position! Thanks to @Rk ram for giving me the space to do this! @Chaearly in the drive made a very important comment to follow the track exactly as we passed through a challenging area, it stuck with me for the rest of the drive - which served me well! (for future drives also). Really had to concentrate to make sure I kept up with the pace... and not allow the convey to stretch-out (one of my weaknesses...). OK, let the week begin...!!!
  4. Thank you everyone! Look forward to fewbie! @Looper see you Saturday for my induction! Thanks to all my newbie leads! @Gaurav @Islam Soliman @Ale Vallecchi @Hisham Masaad @Frederic @Brette @Chaitanya D
  5. As always learning alot driving behind @Hisham Masaad in the black beast! Looking forward to the next drive... Ready for the 7pm battle of fastest fingers 1st! See you all in the dunes!
  6. Looking forward to the drive! My 1st drive at Margham! See you guys in the morning!
  7. Thanks team Carnity! @PETELCZYC PAJERO - luke @DP1011 @Frederic
  8. Guys, unfortunately been called in to work on Saturday... exiting the drive (sure my replacement is happy - enjoy!) - wish i was there and hope it super fun! Did the previous scenic trip and it was spectacular!
  9. Very interesting topic... (following...) Have only experienced a pop out (not me) once in our convoy lead by @Islam Soliman and @Davie Chase if I remember correctly in Al Qudra. Was amazed out how easily and quickly the pop out was repaired - in this case with the help of an air jack. My question - everyone keeps talking about a "board" that needs to be placed under the jack, never seen this and was wondering if anyone is able to share what it looks like? @Frederic you mention to keep the wheels on?, would this not increase the risk of the jack moving out of position? @Gaurav excellent advise on the size of the jack required, not right now, however will place a jack in my cart for the future Thanks for all the great insight @team Carnity!!!
  10. Good evening gents! Great to see some new and old faces for tomorrow morning's drive! Strong anchor in the front with @Gaurav and @Brette leading the way! SURE that the fellow Toyota's in the convoy will tear up the track! @PETELCZYC PAJERO - luke Great to see you and @DP1011 behind me to hold the back, a bit ironic that you both were infront of me last week @essam ibrahim Please let that twin turbo roar up pink rock tomorrow morning, Toyota all the way!!!
  11. Looking forward to my 1st night drive! No special lights required? (just checking).
  12. Unfortunately work commitments came up! Will see you guys on the next drive - Was looking forward to exploring this new location Have fun!
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