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  1. this is perfect...a couple of can of this and i should be able to protect the front and the fenders.. any idea about headlights?? last time i used painters tape its blue and its ugly and also doesn't protect headlights.
  2. Thanks I will go to musaffah and see if I can find that spray
  3. Introduce yourself

    Heyy I am Mohd born and raised in UAE X owner of a Nissan R33 gtr and currently driving a Nissan patrol y62 SE.looking forward on hitting the dunes with you guys 🤓
  4. Ok I know we all hate this coming back from a road trip and notice those dings and dents not to mention those bugs stuck to your bumper and hood. whats the best way to avoid or minimize the damage?? Any tips to protect headlights hood bumper fenders is welcome. also has anyone ever used plasti dip?
  5. My Patrol Y62 is very thirsty

    hey I have the same car but a newer model the 320 hp tends to eat petrol during rush hours.. but it's a dream to drive on the highways I am in Abu Dhabi not much traffic here ..I get like 600 to 650 on a full tank..but when I travel to Sharjah barely get 500😓 P.s. It does help If you keep the rpm below 2 😅
  6. Hey anyone know what route to take to Oman I heard hatta - Oman border is closed for non gcc nationals 😣
  7. Thnx for the tip my designation is computer engineer as per the web page it's a listed profession for on arrival visa I think I'll just go directly to the border are you coming for the trip ??
  8. What visa do we choose there is no GCC citizen / resident visa mentioned there.. and for executives the visa is on arrival as I read on the website...
  9. Hey gaurav, what do you think about leaving for the trip by the 27th of August, that way we will avoid the rush of EID and the weather is much nicer during that time as per accu weather. not to mention the hotel rates are bit cheaper too.
  10. crazy rates in too
  11. Hey gaurav I got a full car 5 adults and 2 kids what do you think would be a good hotel I can cancel mirbat.. is it possible if you can share your number I'll call you I got tons of questions in regards to visa's and the drive there.
  12. Hey I wanna join you guys .. it's my first time to drive there ...I have bookings in mirbat resort..wanna know what do I need to make the trip? Visa ?? I live in Abu Dhabi