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  1. Check Parts before you take from them they are tend so sell 1st copy
  2. Sidshk

    The movie club

    But Still Interesting List to see
  3. Sidshk

    The movie club

    Thriller, Action and Sci Fi
  4. Sidshk

    The movie club

    Can some one help me with list of titles to watch in Netflix
  5. Sidshk

    Time to say good bye..........

    Have a good life bro dosvidaniya!
  6. Sidshk

    Post pretty cars!

    1969 Boss 429 Mustang 1969 Dodge Charger
  7. Sidshk

    Car Meeting Festival in Istanbul

    Dubai is a very transient place. People come to make money, save and leave so it’s pointless modifying a car and putting your heart into it when you will have to leave eventually and sell it for a lot less than it’s worth. Things can go wrong for you overnight here and you just have to get on a plane and go. I was planning to stay here for a long time but the longer I stay, the more cynical I become and I’m at the point where I am falling into the same thing. I just want to grow my bank balance and get out. I love cars but owning a nice one in Dubai just doesn’t turn me on any more. Truth Spoken
  8. But why only Northern Emirates ?? why not Abu dhabi and Al Ain as well ? is that all lazy people are located in Northern Emirates 🙊
  9. Thanks @Rahimdad just got info its 300000 kms done
  10. I own 2008 Pajero LWB full option and planning to upgrade to Prado as i m getting a very attractive deal, Does it worth the swap and what shall i check before buying the Prado Expert advice please
  11. Sidshk

    Is Riding Motorcycle safe in UAE ?

    *****Update****** I went to RAK muroor today as my visa if from RAK, its simple process but they ask me to transfer my Driving license from Dubai to RAK which is big NO for me Any one can confirm this is mandatory
  12. Sidshk

    Is Riding Motorcycle safe in UAE ?

    I like to add to what @Barry said the wind and exhaust roar which u can never get from any car I like this one but i m more in to cruiser cause on its bulkiness and low seating postilion Suzuki Boulevard Or Honda Shadow
  13. Sidshk

    Is Riding Motorcycle safe in UAE ?

    This is what i was riding past month in India Bajaj avenger 220 This is wat i m looking to ride, mostly on weekend or long ride on holidays Basically a Cruiser or touring , i not big fan of Sports bike
  14. Sidshk

    Is Riding Motorcycle safe in UAE ?

    Did you ever rode a Cruiser or Touring bike ?
  15. Sidshk

    Is Riding Motorcycle safe in UAE ?

    In fact i also started my first ride on Shaolin my cousin used to owe one , question why you never opted for license in UAE