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  1. Congrats @Wrangeld and Marjan. both of you did a great job..see u soon with some new challenges and tasks as fewbie
  2. I am truly grateful for recognizing my contribution with this promotion. I can proudly say that our hard work generally pays off but unfortunately, from time to time, we drop the ball, forget something or simply don’t perform to our usual high standards. There is no secret that one of the key ingredients of success is evolution. There is always room for improvement, the first step towards making head way is step outside of your comfort zone and once you overcome the initial fear then you will notice immaculate things happen in your life. It was an amazing experience. Thank you @Rahimdad
  3. Thank you, everyone, for such an amazing drive have a look at this video of our off-road drive
  4. From my limited knowledge and observation, it seems these guys are just familiar of mud driving technique only, so they are far away from the sense of deflating the tires. handling such situation is a hard riddle for them. instead of deflating tires he deflated his dress and posing in his swimsuit🤣 and fighting with momentum. It reminds me of a similar situation at al qudra. those guys struggling to move ahead without deflating tires
  5. Hi everyone. I must start by seeking apologies wholeheartedly for not being on time It was an excellent event, very well routed by @Srikumar and good to follow. Thoroughly enjoyed it”. It was a pleasant weather and the warmth of desert have given a rejuvenating feel.. The most electrifying part of this event was facing out new challenges.It was amazing to watch vastness and magnificence of desert when the convey runs over the ups and downs of the escalated dunes of sand. And @Gaurav bhai surprised everyone with his masterstroke, it was a unique technique for everyone to learn ho
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