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  1. Hi everyone. I must start by seeking apologies wholeheartedly for not being on time It was an excellent event, very well routed by @Srikumar and good to follow. Thoroughly enjoyed it”. It was a pleasant weather and the warmth of desert have given a rejuvenating feel.. The most electrifying part of this event was facing out new challenges.It was amazing to watch vastness and magnificence of desert when the convey runs over the ups and downs of the escalated dunes of sand. And @Gaurav bhai surprised everyone with his masterstroke, it was a unique technique for everyone to learn how to deal if a car got stuck on the dune crest (while the nose is facing downwards). Thank you @Rahimdad bhai for your support and encouragement I would like to offer my congratulations to those who have been promoted to fewbie level.. Thank you everyone.. Hope to see you next time
  2. Highlights of Our Trip .. Newbie Drive - Tawi Nazwa/Pink Rock - 1 November
  3. Thank you @Rahimdad I appreciate your support and cooperation in dealing with team members.. You have always been humble and great inspiration for others.. Thank you @Emmanuel make this event possible in such a simple way.. I enjoyed myself despite facing a few obstacles a couple of times for underestimating small dunes… Thank you very much and thank you everyone for being a part of it
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  5. Self-desert driving was amazing fun and much better than sitting and watching someone else drive. Being first time in the desert, it was really exciting. At first, it was a bit scary when driving in the desert, climbing and drifting down the hill...! It’s like swimming in the ocean of sand. Those are the opportunities to explore new things. Special thanks to team Carnity making this belated event happened in an organized way and the team members were very humble and cooperative. Thanks to Mr. Rahmimdad @Rahmimdad and Mr. Srikumar @Srikumar for instant response to clear a refusal couple of times, and for guiding important tips of self-recovery. Then we headed towards one of the region’s most striking areas of outstanding natural beauty known as “Fossil Rock”. Hiking to the top of Fossil Rock was amazing and truly a spectacular experience to watch the surrounding dunes. But the biggest challenge was to pass your SUV through the unforgivable Terrain, so some of us took the alternate way to reach the exit by leaving this challenge for some other level.. Great job by team carnity for bringing everyone safe and with a smile.
  6. Hi everyone this adil.. iam interested in tomorrow's trip to pink rock as newbies.. looking forward someone to donate 100 points.. Thank you.
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