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  1. 1 or 2 night photos came out ok 😀 ...most of the others were really bad and underexposed..
  2. Thank you Doc @M.Seidam for the refreshing start to the weekend...enjoyed the drive yesterday to the fullest. Was my first FB+ drive with the Fortuner, and i believe it went just fine... Thanks for the dates and laban , although the combo sounds a bit unusual, it was good ...and was nice to listen to the story of how Qudra desert is dear to you and Abdallah...God Bless!! Good to drive with all fellow members @Rajiv Sam - great SL, @AlexM, @Amr Aydin @Joji varghese @Gregory @Senthil Kumar @Morshedi and @Alexander Alcala See you all on the next one!
  3. Saturday wont work for me @Ale Vallecchi.. car is booked for some work.. will remove myself from WL
  4. @Vanessa8580 - thank you for making my Sweihan debut amazing , and 10 times worth the 170 Km drive from home !!! Had enough of the tall dunes and apologies for the untimely question - "Are we done with the tall dunes" early on the drive Our drive was mostly smooth flowing , couple of tugs, self recoveries and pop outs thrown in as garnishing !! ... Couple of pop outs with @Andrew McCarthy and @Pierre de Maigret.. While Andrew's pop out was a result of being a bit overambitious to climb into and out of a narrow ditch , Pierre's one was due to hitting a dry bush/ sand mound at the wrong angle...both were solved in no time with the able involvement of @Zed, @Waqas Parvez and @Vanessa8580 @ASAD. and @AlexM - trouble free drive, i believe ...see you all when our paths cross again on the next drive!!
  5. great come back @Anish S..smooth , fluid and fast drive, with lot of climbs, ridge rides , criss crosses...we ticked all the boxes for an IM drive definitely....Convoy response was amazing ...see you all . @Senthil Kumar @Tom B @Ashok chaturvedi and @Waqas Parvez - thanks for the shovelling support!!
  6. Congrats @Rizwanm2....looking forward to joining your drives !!
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