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  1. Is it necessary to switch on the car engine and keep it ON in neutral mode for sometimes before we drive ( like morning car startups). Can we go with rpm which will be initially 1500 when we switch on and later reduces to 500? Does it impact the engine if we dont wait and just drive ?
  2. Ramadan kareem to all...
  3. @Rahimdad sir Great tip. Thank you. Its working.
  4. Congratulations... @Emmanuel... he is favourite of every newbie... Great news.....
  5. Many many happy returns for the birthday. Happy birthday Sir.
  6. until

    Thank You for your reply Sir, I have no experience , joining as Absolute New bie. Many Thanks.
  7. until

    Hi Rahimdad, i am willing to join, new sign up , please let me know how to join for the drive,.
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