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  1. congratulations @Patrick van der Loo.. Enjoy your new level. 👏
  2. congratulations @Mike M. Enjoy your new level. 👏
  3. Well done @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler . welcome to the support team.
  4. congratulation @Gary F Enjoy your new level. 👍
  5. Nice one @JeromeFJ. Rear diff lock is real gem in this kind of situations.
  6. Hats off @M.Seidam... Well executed recovery with precise instruction.. 👏
  7. here link for some pics and videos https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Nf62DS_RZL6PfKZThLIEIzlL5zokWUTr?usp=sharing
  8. Drive report What a pleasant start for early weekend. we had short and sweet convoy of 5 cars to start our journey from in relatively new unexplored area... i cant explain enough how beautiful the terrain was. it was an ultimate playground for any offroader. Pristine clean virgin dunes which i would rate as medium to large range in size. We were like abandoned kids in candy store. i was having hard time in front of the convoy to decide which dune i should approach first. There was hardly any stuck or refusal and we were zooming through the dunes incredibly fast. It all came to sudden halt when I had failed attempt of rope recovery, soft shackle broke and hit my xterra. Luckily nobody was injured and its only car damage. After completing the recovery we continued our journey all the way till sweihan. Along the way we found some impressive tall dunes where we able to do some long sideys, hill climbs, bowl riding etc, etc. My initial plan was to go all the way till al ain but the amount of fun we had in this area is more fulfilling than doing a marathon. So I certainly misjudged enormous size of this area. But definitely we will come again to this area, insha allah. @Tom B thank you very much for doing sweep duty, it was its pleasure have you in convoy as always. @Beide Worku you tackle the terrain like a pro. Very good control of you angry F150. @Alexanderrr hope you enjoyed the terrain, I know some of the big climbs are not meant for Pajero but you performed exceptionally well. @Haitham Khattab you are my number 1 choice for second lead for any level of drive. Exceptionally well performance throughout the drive. And my sincere gratitude for you to stay with me until saeed come to the place to report the accident, helping me out with the person. Thank you very much 🙏 I posted some pics in Gallery, enjoy your week ahead.
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