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  1. I don’t have you confused with Angela 😂! I still stand by my only drive with you being one of the best I had in and out of carnity. Big losses to the group this morning. Shame! See you in the sand I hope .
  2. @PaoloMaraziti sorry to have heard from the thread what happened on the drive and this post about the incident and also to hear your are leaving club. We only drove once a while ago with Richard and particularly enjoyed meeting you. I am also in support of what you said in your last post , and wether or not your were in the wrong in your drive and made an error which you humbly agreed too. There seems to be plenty of errors along the way that were not your fault. Also the way some people may have approached you in this thread i belive is in correct and doesn’t support the ethos of “Let’s watch and grow together “ but more a placing the blame game. Either way I just wanted to say you have been very polite and humble considering the situation you were in, anyone in carnity would have panicked at the top of a dune that size in your position and I would like to say without naming names , opinions on this thread could of been written slightly more sensitively then they were in consideration . Good luck and safe driving in future and hope we cross paths again.
  3. @Hisham Masaadthank you so much for the drive today and great lead. You drive really well and it’s a pleasure to see and you are also so calm and collective throughout on all your drives. Everyone else in support thank you also great job all round and nice drive, pleasure to meet some of you for the first time and together. Badayer was tricky as ever and even more so with so many tracks but everyone did great and a lovely way to spend Saturday afternoon.
  4. Very much looking forward to this one @Hisham Masaad! See you tomorrow afternoon , can’t wait. Has been a while since I drove in Bidayer 😍 Have a great evening all !
  5. Mabrouk! Very well deserved, your fantastic to drive with and very composed always.
  6. Hi @wrangled going to have to leave drive tomorrow, so leaving my space open for someone who’s free. My apologies work has come up this weekend I can’t avoid
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