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  1. @Ale Vallecchi I would say it was perfect scenic drive and different terrain, perfect place for me to try my drone as well I have saved few videos in gallery hope you guys will enjoy.
  2. Wooow awesome...feels so good and excited to take more responsibilities and learn more from knowledgeable people around in this Offroad world.. Special thanks to @Srikumar @Ale Vallecchi @Emmanuel @Gaurav @Rahimdad @Fredericwho helped me to climb the ladder. Thanks @Chaitanya D @Kalahari @Shiju Manuel it’s wonderful to drive with u guys
  3. Thanks @Srikumar for wonder drive. Sweihan indeed a different experience enjoyed a lot. First time met @Asif Hussain it was pleasure meeting you. I heard there are good terrains in Alain also very scenic and amazing drive it can offer. @Asif Hussain please consider more intermediate levels drives in those areas as well. thanks again to @Asif Hussain and @Srikumar for wonderful coordination and a perfect planing to make this happen especially when we have this cross border challenges etc..
  4. @FredericSorry I have committed to my friends for thursday night outing thinking i wont get the RSVP today. so morning will be difficult now, hence, i am leaving the event
  5. Seems like no one wants to leave 😂😂. See you next time... @Frederic you can remove me from waiting list. Let me plan something different this week.
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