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  1. I wanted to part of this drive as I have recently been promoted to few or, but limit reached. If anyone drops out please consider me for this drive
  2. Thank you @Gaurav its a great news. Bit Confused with Number of drives- 10(16 Newbie+ Fewbie drives) , does it mean i have to finish 16 Newbie drives before attending Fewbie drives ?
  3. This was the best drive so far, thanks @Gaurav and @Frederic , really enjoyed the drive and looking forward to see such long drives. Indeed required lot of patience and understanding when team members makes mistake and @Gaurav and @Frederic did show lot of maturity and patience. Attached few photos for fun..Hope you will enjoy.
  4. Yep myslef and nizam we had bought last time and it got tuned to the frequency. Thank you
  5. Hi All, One more amazing drive, thank you so much Carnity, I have enjoyed Maliha drive more than the one previous to it as it was more exciting and little disappointed that could not reach the final destination. Thanks ton to Gautham for believing in me and allowed me to attempt that dune bashing or whatever it called as, that was an amazing experience. Once again Rahim bhai your aloo paratha was delicious as usual. Looking forward to see the next drive.
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