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  1. @FredericSorry I have committed to my friends for thursday night outing thinking i wont get the RSVP today. so morning will be difficult now, hence, i am leaving the event
  2. Seems like no one wants to leave 😂😂. See you next time... @Frederic you can remove me from waiting list. Let me plan something different this week.
  3. Hi @Ale Vallecchi sorry I am leaving this event as I got some family priority. See you all following week.
  4. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi it was a different experience and looking forward to explore the second part...
  5. Drive was awesome and thanks @Srikumar for such a wonderful drive. yes the car got burned disturbed me a lot, yes @J J I have seen him waiting for fire extinguisher seems like people either dint have or dint wanted to give. I have given mine but I didn't want to go nearby the car as I wasn't sure till when its safe to be nearby. Still confused is it safe to recover the car then as we don't know in which point the car might blast, I believe if anyone were inside the car then its worth to risk our life otherwise its better to let the car go off and think of insurance etc. Let me know if you guys have a different opinion or what is the right thing to do if we come across such situation. About the drive- almost everyone did exceptionally good. @Febin Frederic, as usual, his favourite spot and did well and more surprising was @Shiju Manuel as I thought he won't be able to make it considering his first drive-in Intermediate etc. 1st time I could reach the top point without any major efforts thanks to @Srikumar as he took it from different angle and before even realizing I was on top.
  6. Wow sound great, the word exploration itself gives an additional adrenaline. I am also planning to bring my 6 year kid if it’s safe
  7. Congrats @Shiju Manuel, it will be fun to drive with u again, hope to see u soon
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