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  1. Indeed my friend! I am ready for this drive. Since I couldn’t remove my back seats, I had the doctors remove one of my kidneys instead. I believe that procedure made me as light as possible to scale the Liwa dunes 🤣🤣
  2. @Srikumar, I’m hoping for a repeat of our last drive together; you know, the one where you drove and never looked at your rearview mirror 😀
  3. Sounds exciting; where is everyone sleeping on the 19th? Cars, tents, open air? What equipment/supplies are needed for the overnight stay?
  4. Hey @PaoloMaraziti, I am still struggling to find a good solution for the monster Jack you and I own. I had bought the ProEagle mount, but it’s pretty useless in the FJ. Even after reinforcing my back door molle panels and the door hinges, the ProEgle proved to be too heavy to be mounted on the FJ’s back door. So for now, it’s sitting in the trunk on the floor and secured by ratchet straps… I don’t like the setup as it eats up the space in the back. I’ll keep on looking for a good solution, and if I find it, i’ll post it. I hope you do the same 😀🙏🏻
  5. Thanks @Lorenzo Candelpergher! Sounds like it’s gonna be a great drive, yet again 😀 Having Richard @Wrangeld on the drive, is going to make it all the more enjoyable ❤️ @Gok Krish, good luck in second lead my friend 😀 Rest well, and light a candle tonight 😂 See ya’ll mañana bright and early!
  6. Amazing drive on Saturday morning @Lorenzo Candelpergher! It was a true intermediate level drive through and through. The terrain was amazing, the drivers were strong and the camaraderie was fantastic. The support team was extremely helpful and ever watchful. The trails and ascents were challenging and exciting. Engines roared, faces smiled, and we went on to enjoy a beautiful drive. As to which drive was better, the Extreme or the Intermediate one, it's impossible to answer. Each drive was great in its own right. This was my kind of weekend! Two fast paced, action packed drives 😂 A general comment from our Saturday drive; as our skill level increases, we tend to get more relaxed and confident. I'd like to remind my fellow drivers to still watch your speed, fishtailing and following distance... These principles still apply on all the drives See you all on the sand real soon!
  7. What an amazing drive this was, and with great company too! As soon as we hit the sand, we’re all looking up at the sky. Our entry point had high dunes that forced us to look up to observe our surroundings; our line of sight was vertical instead of horizontal! My two teammates and I started the drive confident; after all we have some experience under our belt and are fairly good drivers. Little did we know that Lorenzo would manage to pull a mischievous bunny out of his hat 😂 Not two minutes into the drive, we could see Lorenzo’s @Lorenzo Candelpergher tires spinning on what looked like a normal ascent. I remember thinking, he’s just playing around and drifting on the sand… Low and behold, as soon as I hit that same patch, my car felt like it went into quicksand! I had the feeling that the super soft sands were engulfing the tires and swallowing my care whole 😊 Honestly, this was the softest sand I had ever driven on, and suddenly, I had to quickly figure out how to drive on these soft dunes. A combination of momentum, re-attempts and tapping the throttle finally got us through… Being in second lead, I admit that I was constantly worried about losing Lorenzo’s trail. He has experience and courage that I simply don’t have 😊 I would cringe at some of the maneuvers we would have to repeat after him, but we managed them all (not as gracefully as Lorenzo, but we managed😉). With his clear and useful instructions, we were all able to traverse the dunes safely, while displaying huge smiles. The drive had adrenaline galore, beautiful scenery, all sorts of terrain and scenery. Lorenzo drew some beautiful lines for us to follow. He chose interesting routes and most importantly, our Italian Ibn Battuta never shied away from exploring new dunes or areas that looked interesting. This made the drive even more exciting as we found ourselves more often than not in areas with absolutely no car tracks! @Shaz Shahwas a trooper with little words but a huge amount of skill and knowledge. He plowed through the tracks, silently, without ever complaining about losing momentum because of me 😂 He dealt with a mechanical issue in his car like a champ, calm and collected and finished the drive with the team as planned 🙌 @Francois Germishuys was great in his red monster! No dune, not matter how big, was able to resist the skill of this driver and the sheer power of his ride. Francois handled his beast very, very well especially in tight technical areas. He did manage to get crested, but we won't hold this against him my dear Carnity friends 🤣 Finally, I hope more Intermediate drivers start joining these drives as they get cleared to drive at this level. These drives, albeit labeled Extreme, are safe and enjoyable, and represent everything we’ve learned with Carnity so far; no fighting gravity, no fishtailing, maintaining a safe distance, following tracks, etc. Thank you all for this wonderful drive and hope to see you on the sand really soon!
  8. Sounds like it’s going to be an awesome drive @Lorenzo Candelpergher! Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 😀
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