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  1. Though I am still one of the most Newbies with only 1 and a half rides, I have realized this is what I have been looking for since 2010, when I was 24 and I was living in Chile as an exchange student. A group of crazy friends and I decide that it would be great to buy an old VW Kombi and fix it to fit 9 of us to hit the roads of South America from Chile down to Tierra del Fuego, and up again until Rio. The truth is we only made half of the way, and the van broke in the middle of the Argentinian Pampa, but the previous unbeaten paths were amazing. So here I am, in Dubai with a small Pajero and my wife, who was one of those adventurous friends, joining (still not bored) to every weekend trip.
  2. Jose Martin

    Jose Martin

  3. Thanks to all of you for this first off-road drive. @Gaurav special tanks for the help with the noise and loose part. It is fixed now and I am ready for the next one! In the picture Convoy 3 ready!
  4. Hello Federic, thanks for the welcome! Pajero 2016 Some minor experience. Tows in good conditions. See you guys on Friday!
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