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  1. Thanks @Rahimdad! This week I cannot join any drive, but it would be great if you could keep them until the next drive or else I can pass by to pick them during the week after work. Whatever suits you best!
  2. Hello @Rahimdad we were discussing about the rope two weeks ago but I forgot to look for the post thread. Would it be possible to get a set for me? Thanks in advance!
  3. @Brette congratulations! You did an amazing sweep on Friday drive. You totally deserve it!
  4. Looks like he was having fun...
  5. Thanks a lot, I am very excited about it! Frome the items mentioned aboved, I am only missing the shovel but I will look for it during the week for sure. Looking forward to join to some fewbie drives and keep learing from you guys, it is being an amazing experience so far. I hope I can also transmit some of the gained knowledge soon. Best regards!
  6. Hello @Frederic I think the date has set on today by mistake. See you on Friday!
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