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  1. It was long and action packed drive for sure. But I believe that we all learned a lot more again, especially related to special situations & recoveries. Thank you for the professional & safely managed convoy, @Wrangeld and @Islam Soliman ! Good work ! See you soon on sand again !
  2. HI @Emmanuel, due to business trip, I have to pass this Thursday extreme drive. I am sorry about this ! Enjoy the ride, friends !
  3. Hi all ! It was really thick fog in early morning, one couldn’t see longer than 10 meters ! After small waiting we started the journey anyway and soon discovered visibility to improve. This was my first extreme drive and yes... we were speeding through amazing areas and dunes. @Emmanuel, thank you for confident leading, you are a pro. I am amazed how well you are navigating in the front and same time finding suitable drivable routing. Especially with pace we used, you really need to do split of a second decisions and observe same time what we are messing up behind 😁. I wish I
  4. @Shaaz Sha you did great in my opinion, I tried to hang on near behind you, having my mind and hands full of driving 😁😁. See you soon again.
  5. Hi Thank you @Chaitanya D for well organized and safe drive once again. 👍👍👍👍 It was long time since I had participated to night drive and this again brought it up how enjoyable it was to drive in the darkness. I can only ask more of these. See u on sand soon.. Few photos in gallery.
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