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  1. Dear Desertnauts ! It has become time to meet new business challenges in another region and hence me and my family will be relocated out from UAE. Maybe this folder isn't recommended to use for these messages, but as there has been so numerous people, who I have met, I couldn't find any better locations either. It was evident from very first drive I joined that Carnity is safety minded, professionally lead community. It was pleasure to listen @Gaurav, @Frederic, @Ale Vallecchi,@Emmanuel, how drivings should be conducted. Since there has been so many more pros in leaders as wel
  2. Hello @Islam Soliman, I am not feeling well now, it is better to withdraw from this drive... 😢 I cannot join. I am sorry about this inconvenience ....
  3. Hi @Ale Vallecchi, yes I confirm. Prefer newbie if possible, I have some guests coming in with me. If that is suitable.
  4. Oh yes, I have valid PCR, I have to keep it up due to business in Abu Dhabi. I have counted roughly 70 - 80 PCR test completed within a year. Not enjoyable ... at all.
  5. HI @Ale Vallecchi can you please waitlist me as my 1st drive option as our extreme drive was cancelled ?
  6. @Islam Soliman can you waitlist me, this is my 1st drive option as our extreme drive was cancelled.
  7. HI What a drive, it was really more technical as ever ! Surprising soft sands required us to keep really focused to driving and route selection all the time. We had few stucks there in the back, actually really challenging ones in tight pocket. We used @Abu Muhammads monsters winch and it looked a while that even with that we wouldn't get @Gaurav Soni out from pocket. But slowly Mitsubishi got up which required quite a lot of power from Gaurav, resulting overheating of gearbox & engine. @Gaurav Soni, I think you car was missing some power after that in last stages of the drive.
  8. Thank you @Ale Vallecchi , I have always enjoyed your drives with good briefings, convoy management and advice during the drives. Hats off !
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