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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences, these are valuable. Makes me thinking of returning the products and trying something else, which you guys have suggested in this forum. I think I begin to focus already now, without driving with flag any single meter, whether flag mount stays on or not. That's for sure wrong point of focus. It just makes you vulnerable to driving mistakes. I am driving Prado (2020) without roof rails. Any good ideas to fix the flag to Prado ?
  2. Well .... this AOR setup with 2 piece flag pole & suction mount is exactly what I bought yesterday... nothing else actually available. Worthless ??
  3. Thank you for the advice ! Yes, I bought AOR:s for mount & flag. Lets see this Friday, how those will work... 👍
  4. Visited Speedex and got the flags & poles, mounts etc. I bought suction mount for the flag but started to wonder whether it is strong enough to hold flag along. Any experiences ?
  5. Thank you for the advice !! Thanks mate for the hint !
  6. Hello Being a newbie in this club, would you please advice good sources to purchase Off Road accessories, like flag, flag mounts, tyre deflator etc.
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