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  1. Hi all ! Wow ! Liwa is different, for sure. First bigger down hill slope was awesome, was the name of it Scary Hill, @Islam Soliman / @Emmanuel ? Or Scary hell ... 😄 This trip raised the desire to go back there. I hope sometime soon.. Thank you @Emmanuel, @Desert Dweller and @Jeepie leading us safely. Good work ! We have plenty of good memories 👍👌 ! Few photos in gallery.
  2. I took today DPI test in Ghantoot, no queues at all. Didn't need to have appointment, but tomorrow can be different, like @Emmanuel mentioned. Payment with card only, no cash approved. Very smooth process, took only about 10 minutes.
  3. Thank you @Atif! Yeas, I have done same by switching off TRC etc. Behind this fuse seems to be bunch of other systems: EFI ECU, C/OPN RLY, VSC ECU, air bag ECU, smart entry & start system, steering lock ECU I wonder might this bring other challenges then, fuel injection (EFI) and C/OPN circuit ( Affects to fuel pump .. ?) for example. I'll give a try and see...
  4. Thanks @Emmanuel for this update. Very detailed and valid points. My concern is how to turn off air bags from Prado. Is there anyone, who could help to identify those fuses ? Or is there another way ?
  5. HI all To be honest, I have been couple of times bit skeptical, whether new drive categories can offer something new. As this was my first Intermediate drive today, it is always impressive to see that how different drives can be. It was same with Fewbie and Fewbie Plus drives. Tempo of this drive was again bit faster than my previous ones. Takes a while to get used to it. Already in the beginning first technical area was more packed dunes, I felt distance between dunes was less. Which made driver to react faster to power needs but also taking care of exits of the dunes especially considering my Prado's front bumper... Long ridge rides were really nice. Thank you @Chaitanya D, @Pancho and @Foxtrot Oscar for your pro & safe convoy management. Good work from you all ! See u all on sand soon ! PS: Few photos added to gallery.
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