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  1. hi @Andrei S really sorry to hear that man, couple of things to prepare for upcoming hassle: 1. As Fred said, do not let anyone put the key and start the engine. Car engine is an air pump, not a water pump, so the pistons & rods can only handle pushing air out, not water. 2. This means you have to tell recovery guys to use the winch and pull your car from behind. Dont forget to put Transfer Case in Neutral, read the user manual. This allows towing the car with freewheels and no stress on drivelines. 3. If garage cannot dry water out from engine, they will ask you to buy engine from scrap and swap or offer rebuild. Ask them which one is cheaper, but be prepared. 4. Once quotation is obtained, pls contact insurance if they can cover this. Some insurance shrugs it off saying they don't cover "acts of God", but try pushing... Good luck!
  2. @Frederic will be my 100th drive (officially) 😁 Pls plan to find some shady trees (there are some near Nagra but realized this is FB) , will bring donuts & coffee for the break ✌🏻
  3. @JeromeFJ's entry point is Ramlah Sweihan Bowls Bowls Bowls Strip... it will be a good area to test 4Lo vs 4Hi ... also I just installed Mopar original beadlock wheels for the Cherokee (got them for free so can't refuse installing them ) - I might try climbing in 4Lo with 6 psi 😅
  4. Hi @Gaurav , Julius (the Red Wrangler in my DCT team) did that and sent me his comparison of tires table below. He switched to Cooper AT3 4S (19.5kg per tyre) 285/70/17 for 5 years and still drove in 4L. Recently before DCT he switched to Geolandar P-rated (20.4 kg) 285/70/17 and again still drove in 4L. Told me the reason was "more controlled" but I'm also guessing habits don't change easy With @Naveen Raj confirming he drove in 4H 2nd gear, this confirms both 4L and 4H can climb Nagra (last minutes in https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cy5P6SaJU9s/ ) , so it doesn't matter 4Lo or 4Hi as long as you're confident you can make it
  5. Can't comment on that in public forum, I'll just tell you tomorrow in the briefing
  6. yes it is, they just announced today, was hoping they will be in quiet Razeen 😂 but guess we'll see tomorrow how it'll be 🤞🏻
  7. Hi Marshal @JeromeFJ heads-up there will be around 150 cars in GPS coord 24.394510, 55.483620 at 7am tomorrow for a GPS Treasure Hunt briefing, after that those cars will randomly go around to pick up flags until 3pm... Sweihan is still a big playground, but I think towards Al Ain airport will be less crowded
  8. cc @Gary F good time to check 4Lo vs 4Hi ? 😁 will be joining w/ my Jeep WK on this drive...
  9. Congrats on reaching 50 drives @Gary F and your willingness to experiment to find your own driving style 👍🏻 . Please document it like this https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2SVhe5JgRU/?igsh=azVsa3B2c3VnZmN6 (middle of video he revealed it's 4Lo 3rd gear). Science says an experiment that can be repeated by others using the same tools means your paper is accepted by peer reviews and you've proven your point 😅 Pro Tip: start from 4Lo 3rd gear. ZF Transmission Triptronic is awesome that it will automatically cycle 1st & 2nd for you and hold in 3rd. Most Torque Curve diagrams say 3000-3500rpm is engine's peak torque, so when climbing, you want to find the best gear that's in that range and not go above 5000rpm (contrary to most beliefs, at 5000rpm you're actually losing torque). Once you're in flatter areas, upshift to 4Lo 4th or above to keep rpm in the 2000-2500 rpm range to save petrol, and cool both engine & transmission. Downshift again before climbing. And when you're stuck, you're already in 4Lo so you can just shift to 1st or 2nd and do the blip-blip 🙂 *Also call me if you're going to choose Sweihan, Faya or Khatim for testing grounds, be happy to join if not busy ✌🏻
  10. To cut the story short: Senior Marshal Fadi drives in 4Lo, and his convoy won the Desert Champions Trophy (I believe all in his convoy does the same; driving in 4Lo). That's 6 hours of non-stop driving in 4Lo and so yes you can get away with it. His opinion on 4Lo here >> https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cm6VAp4q6lR/?igsh=ZnozYXVhbTNhZHNv So I've re-geared 4x already and I've seen what's inside my transfer case + front & rear diffs. I would never drive 4Lo high speed in my Gear-Driven Transfer Case Land Cruiser, but I've driven a few times in 4Lo with my 5-speed Jeep with Chain-Driven Transfer Case... because Gear-Driven Transfer Case is only suitable for low-speed driving. This is why there is No Generic Rule to 4LO: it primarily depends on the car and secondarily depends on the driver if he wishes to experiment with his car 1) First front & rear to 4.88 gearing to cater for heavier tires on the Land Cruiser 2) Second opened my Transfer Case and re-geared the 4Lo gears to make 1:3 reduction in 4Lo only. 3) Third when installing ARB air lockers (carriers) I opened the front & rear differentials and notice the ring pattern signify that my differentials were not properly installed the first time. So I re-geared front & diff again, this time making sure proper break-in process is followed and triple-checking the backlash & preload of rings & pinions. 4) Finally I opened my Transfer Case again cos I was afraid same thing might happen to the Transfer Case as with the diffs. Then for fun & experiment I re-geared the 4Hi gearing in transfer case by simply changing 2 gears. This basically makes my 4Hi "spin more". The 4.88 in front & rear diffs + the 10% underdrive in 4H gears Transfer Case = 5.3 final drive ratio so I don't need 4Lo for normal sand driving (even if my Transfer Case was Chain-Driven). The whole Transfer Case system is just a GEAR REDUCTION mechanical device. And so a 1:4 Transfer Case Ratio for Rubicon just means the max speed in 4Lo is 1/4th of the max speed in 4Hi. It's like driving slower than 1st Gear, but because there is no -1, -2, -3, -4 Shifter, the wizards invented Transfer Case to go Lower than Normal 1st Gear. Obviously there is no use of these lower gears in the asphalt / normal highway, but depending on car (should you wish to experiment), it may has some advantage in loose-traction areas like sand and slower-but-precision drives like rock-crawling. So will 4Lo break your car? Judging by the simplicity of Gear Reduction concept, it probably won't. BUT older cars like my Land Cruiser have Gear-Driven Transfer Case whcih are not suitable for high-speed motion, so I agree with @Carnity Marshals here that you shouldn't drive in 4Lo with these kind of cars. Newer cars with more transmission shifts and Chain-Driven Transfer Case have more flexibility... with the Chain TransferCase you can drive faster than with Noisy Gear-Driven TransferCase. Most people who broke their transfer case in 4Lo most probably broke their Chain in the transfer case too, but for the adventurous who like to experiment with their cars, go ahead and drive in 4Lo... the theory has been laid out, and now it's time for practice 😁
  11. Congrats @JeromeFJ 👏🏻 funny thing i always thought you were Marshal already 😄 Amazing how far you've gone with that Stock FJ 👍🏻, looking forward to driving with you again this season...
  12. was enjoying this debate while eating popcorn, and I thought when the Crews started giving their advice, this thread would have been finalized, but nooooo 😂 @Josh S the easy answer is if you're driving with Carnity Marshals, 99% you'll drive in 4H. Using @Looper's video here >> https://www.instagram.com/p/Cz1suDgNlgq/ you can see the speed stats and he's driving around 50 km / h. Your 2021 Rubicon has the 4:1 Transfer Case Ratio ... Then the max speed is a quarter (1/4) of the max speed in 4H, assuming 160 km/h max in 4H, your 4L max speed is 40 km/h. Any more than that and you're redlining, overheating both your engine and possibly reducing transmission life. Now those other JL Sports have 2.7:1 Transfer Case Ratio, so in 4Lo their max speed is 1/2.7 which is 60 km/h. If they're following Looper in that video, they can drive in 4L and get away with it (although I'd postulate they can't drive too long without breaks). Yes you can run 55 mph (100 km/h) in 4Lo like video below >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEboJi5FhpE Look how "Torquey" the car is when in 4Low. The Marshals who drive in 4Lo usually have these characteristics: 1. They firmly believe the Owner's Manual only applies to Asphalt Traction. When they're driving in very loose traction like super soft sand, 4Low has more tolerances thus you can go higher than the manual says. 2. They have BeadLock Wheels, which are heavier and need more torque to turn than normal lighter stock wheels. 3. They have Heavier Tires, combined with BeadLock most probably 285s (33") or taller. Again, more torque needed to spin the tires. 4. They have 6-speed or 8-speed transmissions, so they can get away with 4Low + 8th Gear which is close to 4High + 1st Gear but more torque. 5. No Carnity Marshals have #1-3 above, so back to original quick rule: when driving with Carnity, use 4High
  13. @Mohit Gurnani that FJ stock is just waiting for the owner to unleash the sleeping lion, more practice will wake it up mate 😊👍🏻 , btw straight before turning left >> https://www.instagram.com/stories/zeddyiskandar/3269732911185976346?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igsh=MWIzNm40NzZ0ZTdieA==
  14. hi Mayank hope you get it back soon with all the IDs and cards. Similarly while paying for coffee today I realized I lost my ATM/debit card. Blocking & getting new card was easy through app, but now I've to wait until after new year to get new card... means no spending this long weekend 😭
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