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  1. Dear marshal @JeromeFJ, apologies I too have withdrawn from this drive. My overlanding trip to Saudi has been moved to Sunday early morning, so Saturday I will need to rest for the next day's 12-hours drive to Riyadh. I will still monitor whenever you're leading another 80km drive though, wish you all the fun & adventure tomorrow 😊 you've already got good support from @Looper, @Waqas Parvezand @Imran Kashif👍
  2. It's like a Black Stallion, sometimes swerving on its own, finding a bowl to play, then once fully exercised and stretched, returned to the main track 😁
  3. All karak shops near the meeting point opens at 8am, so fresh will be hard. It will be probably be wrapped in aluminum and microwaved at 3am 😁 always good to have a couple of extra eyes to help the treasure hunt 👍🏻😄
  4. yes depending on previous drives and mechanic's level of inspection, usually when climbing the rear bumpers come off first, then the mudguards, then the fender liners... if it still struggles to climb i'll just press the remote "Open Tailgate door" button to unload the ARB compressor, jacks and anything heavy left in the trunk 😂
  5. Lots of good stuff has been said here for the unfortunate event, but Team @Carnity has become matured. Other clubs would stay silent, leading to ill-speaks and untrue gossips to linger, instead of accepting fate and sharing lessons learned. Dr. @M.Seidam has shown great leadership during the unprepared circumstance. As a member of the convoy and the car behind the unfortunate LC70, I can confirm there is no marshal fault nor anyone's here. It may not be obvious at first, but these kind of events actually remind us how we are loved, by God, family and friends, for we are still alive even though we play this sport every week. Below video of me 1-year ago is a very similar unfolding of moments leading to the incident. It still gives me goosebumps of how fast fun can turn into panic. In the end, I can only prostate and thank God I'm still alive. PS: Glad I can help pulling the truck since I wanted to help but not sure how. Even I was chased out by @Hisham Masaad but the LC strangely got lost and exited at the same time the 2nd convoy exited to talk to the truck 😂 sometimes fate does give you a smile.
  6. have you seen how a rocket launches when climbing? Same design! 😂
  7. i'm in the WaitList, if u can convince Seidam to accept me 😂 Was enjoying dinner and by 7:10 it was already full 😅
  8. @Vanessa8580 thanks for the drive 👍 i like the starting high-dunes and ending technical track. So good that I went for 2nd round today... and found my rear bumper! Sands have changed formation that every week in Sweihan will be a different track, see you next time here 😁 Thanks to @Looper for recording the track (since I came late I forgot to hit Gaia record myself 😂)
  9. In case one cannot find a 2010+ model for Dual VVTi , for 7000dhs you can get original Toyota Racing Development superchargers that are available for Single VVTi... then the Single VVTi will beat both HP and Torque of the Dual VVTi 😄 I've seen it reaches 580hp for 1GR-FE Single VVTi on Supercharger 🔥 Food for thought for the Prado owners here...
  10. i have 2 statements to make: 1. The drive was excellent today, there were no deadly steps to avoid, so I didn't lose anything today and my front bumper was intact 😁 Well done Marshal @Srikumar 🫡 (salute emoji) 2. For some good reason, instead of popping-out, my BeadGrip wheels and wide tires tend to "lose air" when badly impacted from the sidewalls, resulting in 6psi and needed some air for driving safely. If it was not for @Vaibhav's on-board compressor, the drive would be further delayed as I have to take out my bulky compressor, attach wires, etc. Thanks bro 👍🏻 These statements are made from my own accord, without any coercion or endorsement from anyone 😂 Too bad I didn't have to tug anyone with the LC, but that's also a testament of how good everyone drives in the convoy today 👍🏻 well done everyone 👏🏻 Mr @Waqas Parvez i hope you made it on time and didn't start a World War 3 🙏🏻
  11. i'm putting ahead apologies & heads-up since I came late today for Vanessa's drive due to fog 😅 So for those who don't know, if there's Fog, all Abu Dhabi cameras that are online are automatically set to 80 km/h. This means there's no use driving 120 through the fog as you risk both fines and accidents... but i'll try to leave 3hours earlier 😂
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