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  1. @Stumpy Paj Al Haffar 676 is across the road of Al Faya 891 (the one I mentioned earlier), you'd use Al Haffar 676 when coming from Sweihan towards Abu Dhabi. If you're gonna use Al Razeen to Al Quaa road to the meeting point, I suggest follow the Abu Dhabi Boys route below 😁
  2. Yes WhatsApp me before leaving, we can sync up at Adnoc, then drive Fast 'N' Furious style and use adrenaline to fight off sleepiness in the dark long straight boring road towards Al-Quaa, and probably have wasted enough fuel, needing transfer from jerry-can into our tank during deflating 😂
  3. There's another ADNOC Gas Station 80km from meeting point so you can save 20km range 😅 After filling there you exit first right into the farm road and keep on pushing till you see the Big Razeen Roundabout. ADNOC Service Station | Al Faya (891) https://maps.app.goo.gl/wxxEQHC7hhNjhPnw6?g_st=ic
  4. @DP1011 apparently he was the following The Mentor, when there's downtime for waiting, best view is on the top with your pants on sand 😅
  5. @PETELCZYC PAJERO - luke The ARB orange ones are good especially if you get them during the offers seasons (Adihex, Black Friday, End of Year, Ramadan) and available locally by visiting shops so you can try them. But Black is Cooler, I got the Warn Winch Gloves below 😊 Just search on Amazon for "WARN Winching Gloves"
  6. @Sreenath G that's a powerful combo: the XTerra uses the same VQ40 engine as Y62 V6 + the 6-speed manual has 1st Gear Ratio of 4.37, higher than Land Cruiser and Rubicon's 4.1 first gear, so means on 4H 1st Gear you already have lots of torque to move the wheels (good for climbing tall dunes). Looking forward to see this beast on the sand when we're in the same convoy 👍 Reference for X-Terra Technical Specs
  7. @Dare_to_Dream One thing couple of members including me have noticed is: Do Not Trust Garage Instagram Accounts 😂 cc @Wade Pat2 @Chris Wing . Use the 3 methods below: 1. Use Google Maps, type Musaffah so it centers from there. Then search nearby for "Car Modification", it should bring some decent results. 2. One-by-one, read the reviews (you can even translate the Arabic reviews sometimes they give more valuable insights). 3. Once you have narrowed it down to Top 5, find their Instagram accounts and check their Project Photos. Those that are closer to what you want to build with your concept car will make it easy during building (i.e. you can tell them "I want modification just like the one you did here on Insta.."). Yes I know I've said not to trust their Insta accounts, so eventually you have to use your "Spider-Sense" to gauge whether a workshop is full of marketing people instead of mechanics, welders, denters, electricians 😁
  8. Occam's Razor Principle: sometimes the simplest could be the answer 😁 I'm putting the "How to test your Horn Device is working using Normal Car Battery" link below (skip to minute 1:39) so others next time can do this test first before checking the yellow clock spring in steering wheel 🙂
  9. Looks like it's down to 10 people + managers, so it will be a Replay 🎥 of last week BUT with Fast-Forward Button ⏩ *zoom zoom 🏎️🏎️ 👍
  10. Since it's Intermediate, am sure the guys who don't read the forums before driving are gonna end up driving into the sand anyways 😂
  11. @Pavel Pashkovskiy @Mark B First of all this only matters if you're driving in 4LO, but as a part-time Jeeper, I can confirm to this. I always drive my Cherokee in 4LO + 5th Gear, and 4LO + 3rd gear when towing a Patrol 😅 ( @Frederic can confirm this ). The 4:1 is LOW/4LO Gear Ratio, the High/4H is always 1:1, that is why 4L is also referred to as Reduction Gear, it reduces to crawling speed. Link to my old Gear Ratio Calculation post below , but I found another photo that explains better (also below). There are other Ratios that affect calculation: Ring & Pinion (sometimes shorthanded as just Axle Ratio) + Transmission Ratio itself (which is different for each Gear Shift) + Transfer Case Ratio Assuming both Rubicon and non-Rubicon uses Chrysler's TorqueFlite 850RE 8-speed, which is licensed from ZF 8HP50 (used in BMW 5, 7, X3), here is the calculation for both when driving in 4LO 6th Gear (6th gear is where transmission ratio=1.0) for all cars: Rubicon w/ 4.88 Axles (newer ones): - 4L 6th gear = 4.88 x 1.0 x 4.0 = 19.52 final 4LO spinning ratio (bigger means more crawling - less speed). Rubicon w/ 3.73 Axles (older ones): - 4L 6th gear = 3.73 x 1.0 x 4.0 = 14.92 final 4LO spinning ratio. Sport/Shara/SandRun/Mojave 3.73 Axle + 2.71 4LO: - 4L 6th Gear = 3.73 x 1.0 x 2.71 = 10.11 final 4LO spinning ratio. There is an easy solution to this for Rubicon, just switch to 4LO + 8th Gear: - 4L 8th Gear Rubicon = 4.88 x 0.64 (8th gear ratio) x 4.0 = 12.5 final 4LO spinning ratio (close to Sahara's 10.11) OR, Rubicon can drive in 4High with 3rd Gear: - 4High 3rd Gear Rubicon = 4.88 x 2.10 (3rd gear ratio) x 1.0 (4Hi) = 10.25 (very close to Sahara's 10:11 on 4L 6th). Assuming huge price differences between Rubicon and non-Rubicon (I just buy old Jeeps so not sure about new prices now), my recommendation is: if it's ONLY for Sand, then Sport & Sahara as cheaper options are better. You will only drive in 4Lo: most sensors are turned off already + when you're stuck or refusal you're already in 4Lo 😁 BUT if you want to do some rock-crawling and also sand-bashing, then Rubicon is a better choice. Those high 4LO spinning ratio / bigger crawling are useful for crawling uphill and braking downhill at steady low-speeds. Link to Jeep Axle, Transmission, Transfer Case 4L Ratios https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/gear-ratio-chart-for-jl-wrangler.1781/ Link to the Old Gear Ratio Calculator for FJ:
  12. @Mus_hus78 water fording is what Jeeps people do in small rivers, see video below, sand-fording is the same, trying to swim the tires into the sand 😁 >>
  13. Water fording is normal, but sand-fording is for the brave explorer 😅 cc @Frederic
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