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  1. @Vanessa8580i am waiting for my car to be returned from service. Still no sign of it. Apologies I have to pull out.
  2. Congratulation @topgear what an achievement and well deserved bro!
  3. Apologies @Vanessa8580, i have to pul out due to unexpected work commitments. Hope to join your lead next trip.
  4. @Kailas apologies I just got back and my car still in service. Sorry I have to pull out. Hope to join your trip next time.
  5. Congratulation @Looper. Well deserved the recognition.
  6. @Fredericjudging on the wait list, it looks like not possible to join this Sunday drive with you. Hope to have a drive on your next trip here in AD. I will remove myself on the wait list.
  7. Our Marshal@Srikumar led us to hidden gems in Sweiham. Bravo!
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