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  1. No worries, I’m all in, I did write my will when I got Covid 2 years ago, I’ll just quickly update it before the drive…😂😂😂 There is a solution, although it may be a bit short on time until Friday…buy an FJ!!!😜😀😂😂
  2. We’re waiting for you guys!! Some of us are showing another level of dedication…😀…or madness…🤪
  3. We’re waiting for you guys!! Some of us are showing another level of dedication…😀…or madness…🤪
  4. Wow guys, what a drive this is going to be! Knowing it’s Gaurav, of course the rating is grossly underestimated😱 So @Gaurav, what to bring? Extra tools? Recovery vehicle…?😂 Seriously, should we bring friends in the car, or not adviseable…?
  5. Damn I was happy to secure my spot on this drive, but I have an unplanned work meeting tomorrow, so I have to bail out…:-( At least someone in WL will be happy. @Foxtrot Oscar
  6. Hi! Just a follow up on this post I started a while ago…After installing a roof top LED bar, the light was vety, very good…However, after 4 months, I couldn’t stand the constant noise while driving on the highway- so I took it down 🤷‍♂️. So if anyone needs a good LED bar, let me know…
  7. @Vanessa8580 Hi! Any chance I can tag along this drive as support…? I have friends visiting who want to see the desert, so I need a calm level for then to follow…:-)
  8. Hi @Mehmet Volga! I’d like to join the ride with you…Can you WL me, or add me as “helper”…:-)
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