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  1. Best wishes and many happy returns Dear Fred
  2. It’s in same area , either adjacent to start point couple feet near track or bit inside ( deflation needed ) within 200 to 300 meters ) I would prefer to be bit near the track
  3. Congratulations @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler welcome to Carnity support team . Well deserved I see a future leader in you . Keep it up !
  4. Congratulations @ASAD. Welcome to Carnity Offroad club support team. Well deserved and first step toward leadership .
  5. Congratulations @Fabien Monleau and welcome to carnity support team. 👍
  6. Thank you @Rizwanm2 .. actually after the last time in Sweihan III we learned it better . If at all possible try to avoid the rope being in super tight and always try to keep the recovery car at the best gravity advantage . Even if you use 10 ropes . I remember ( somewhere in this thread maybe you will find it ) Richard used a very long connected ropes to bring a car stuck at the base of an ascending soft ramp .
  7. Dear Friends @Carnity @Imteeaz @Arda Yagcioglu ( pict and clip curtesy to you thank you ) @Lawrence_Chehimi @Gok Krish keeping this thread Alive I put this from Sweihan drives V I got wedged as you see in the picture below after shoveling the sand wall from behind the rear tires and right front and made it to be prepared for what comes next . I asked @Imteeaz to go back and forth from where he is supposed to recover me to prepare a track for him self . After that 4 ropes connected ( 50 meters ) and I was redirected . Comments are welcome always so we can always learn develop and improve
  8. This we skipped the front and looped it from the back which is far more exciting to climb reminded me of feya from behind 😅
  9. Sweihan Drives V Dear friends @Imteeaz @Arda Yagcioglu @Lawrence_Chehimi @Gok Krish What a lovely brisk drive in a beautiful morning that was. Thank you all for coming and enjoying the last episode of Sweihan drives at the intermediate level. You all rocked today. Amazing . It was a pleasure meeting @Arda Yagcioglu for the first time and very good to catch @Lawrence_Chehimi after a long time ( not counting the rescue drive we had couple weeks ago 😅) . @Imteeaz as usual flawless second lead and thanks for pulling me so smooth when I got wedged ( was it the driver or the 100 meter long rope or both 🤣 ) . @Gok Krish nice to see you after a while and today no one was left behind 😄 thanks a lot . Below some clips to the best what I could to capture hope you enjoy
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