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  1. Hi @Hisham Masaad @Davie Chase I will not be able to make it to the drive and have removed myself from the list . Thank you for confirming my waitlist Wish you all a fun filled drive tomorrow
  2. Hello @Hisham Masaad, Have a last min engagement for tomorrow and will be unable to join the drive. Apologies for the last min change. Wish the rest of the squad a pleasant drive.
  3. Hi @Ale Vallecchi, the meeting point isn’t update yet. Once decided, kindly update the same. Looking forward to the drive tomorrow
  4. Hi @Ale Vallecchi , i will not be able to join Saturday noon. I will however be able to make it for a Saturday night drive
  5. Thank you for the Wonderful drive @Gaurav Soni I did enjoy my drive. Side sloping on the slip faces were exhilarating. @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler @Kailas thank you for the tug and helping with the stuck. looking forward to the next drive
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