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  1. Hi @Emanuel It's with great sadness that I need to remove myself from the drive as I need to work Was extremely excited and was looking forward to it so much I hope something like this will happen again in the near future
  2. Thank you @Emmanuel😁 Thank you @Tbone Thank you @Janarthan
  3. @Chaitanyathank you so much for your kind words 😁😁 Looking forward to conquer more challenges ahead of me and learn more every single drive @Probir Mukherjeethank you 😊
  4. @Ale Vallecchithank you so much Hopefully see you soon on a drive 😁 Thank you @Abu Muhammad
  5. Thank you @Rahimdad It was great experience on Fridays drive sitting next to you Hope to see you soon on another drive 😁
  6. Thank you so much for the promotion @Gaurav Thank you @Frederic Thank you @Mohamed Seidam Thank you @Wrangeld Hope to see you soon on a drive
  7. And that's exactly what I did without waiting for the other drives to appear 🧐
  8. Hi Sertac How's that possible that as soon as this drive came out was showing immediately 10 users going?
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