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  1. @Ale Vallecchi I hope yesterday's drive was a successful one and I'm sure it was by the looks of it. Just wanted to apologize for the inconvenience my Jeep caused during the drive even after repairing the power steering system the night before the drive. After further evaluation, it has come to my attention that the hose associated with circulating the power steering oil had burst, much to my surprise. From what I observed, this may have happened when my Jeep began to vibrate aggressively for atleast a few minutes straight which was when @VipinShetty saw the smoke coming through my hood. As of now, my Jeep's still undergoing further inspection and repairs but I will make sure I get a second opinion on its funtionality on dunes to avoid having to go through this unfortunate event again. Big thanks to everyone yesterday for being cooperative and patient.
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