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  1. Thanks everyone, hoping to see you all at the new level aswell! Slowly but surely 😁 Thanks man, See you at the new level! Likewise πŸ™‚, eagerly looking forward towards the new challenges!!
  2. This is quite a common upgrade for Jeeps and a highly recommended one. Quite ironically, Trading Enterprises themselves have recommended it πŸ˜‚. If you have a Rubicon, it would have Dana 44s, both front and back, which are much stronger and beefier axles, so reinforcement wont really be necessary, unless you really push the car to its limit. But for other Trims, they have Dana 30s in front and 35s in the back, which are relatively thinner and weaker. And reinforcement is highly recommended. Though I believe you can easily go Fewbie+, as the drives aren’t that intense….. yet. Reinforcement is also recommended if you upgrade to bigger tyres, or do High speed driving involving a lot of bumps. As it helps to support some of that sheer weight on the Axle. For my car, β€˜09 JK, I have Dana 30 in front and Dana 44 at the back, hence why I have only reinforced the front axle. I did it for the peace of mind, as I have heard of and seen several broken axles for Jeeps, but now I do have a lot more truss-t (pun intended) in my axles. So I say, up to Fewbies, you don't really need it. Beyond that, it isn't required aswell if you drive safely. But perhaps you should consider, atleast for the front axle, once you reach Intermediates. Not necessary, but rather a safety precaution, cuz a broken axle in the middle of the desert wont be good, i think…
  3. I am sorry @Foxtrot Oscar but it seems that I wont be joining you for the drive on Saturday πŸ₯². My school friends are leaving the country in pursuit of higher education, so gotta bid them farewell. See you next time πŸ™‚
  4. Thanks again @Janarthan for leading such a thrilling drive, your choice of tracks and the overall itinerary kept me entertained throughout the drive, esp the Hill climbs, love those. @Niki Always a pleasure to have you as a part of the convoy. Your way of delivering instructions calmly and handling the sticky situations never fails to impress me. Thanks for helping the Convoy stay on its feet. @Foxtrot Oscar Was amazing to catch up with you after such a while. Having you in the convoy always makes the drive much more entertaining and fun, looking forward towards a drive with you 😁 Statistic Summary:
  5. Feel free to re-live the day through this 'short' video, unprofessionally put together πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ https://youtu.be/ymQgoSQjgE8
  6. @Gregory When I got the Geolanders(285/70R17) for my swb Wrangler, initially for the first 2 drives I kept them relatively higher (12 Psi for 1st, then 11 Psi for 2nd) due to New tires having to adjust into rims or something. This tire pressure worked marvelously for most part, but I did had some traction issues (esp soft sand & Hill climbs). After which, through trial n error and Marshal’s advice, I found my sweet spot (9 Psi Rear, 10 Psi Front), now I dont face any traction issues. So I say, keep it at 12 for your 1st drive and then reduce further if you feel some traction issues. 10 Psi happens to be the sweet spot for G015’s though. *Warning: Lower Psi = Higher risk of pop outs
  7. hahaha, I will be waiting 😈😈 About the drive. I loved the pace and technicality of it. We got to play in several play areas, which was really thrilling. Me going Baja 1000 over some of the bumps had my dad looking at me weird πŸ‘€. Overall, @Foxtrot Oscar lead another amazing & thrilling drive, I mean, should I really be surprised?? @Veedooshee@Vanessa8580 Thanks for actively helping with all the stucks/refusals, you guys are the reason we were able to keep moving, and were able to reach our goal (Fossil Rock). Thank You. See you all in the Fewbies!! (Hopefully πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ€ž)
  8. Hahahaha, about time innit? I am up for the challenge, lets see if I lose my 0 refusals/stucks streak here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ
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