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  1. @Frederic thank you very much for the drive. me and @Syed Raza Hussain were missing driving with you and after a long wait,we decided to enrol with you. As always @Syed Raza Hussain is a lazy ass man and backed out at the very last moment.. 🙃 Jokes apart, loved driving with the wonderful people infact skillfull people 😉. And would like to thank everyone for their support and patience and the team work. Today^s "refusal cum pop out "was full of challenges and delt with calmness and patience by everybody. Thanking you all for that.🙏 @Nivin cheers brother, for your humblness and for your support without loosing smile and energy at all time. You were a superman today. @Sajit Modiyil thanks for that powerful pull which helped a baby elephant out of the tiny pocket of quick sand. 😄 Love you All and thank you again for the team work. See you when i see you. Cheers 😃😎🤓
  2. @Ahab Shamaa hi, can you please share the address or any contact no. for the garage you got it installed? i need one for my pajero. Thnx & Regards,
  3. @Alexander Alcala now that is a new thing i just learned about "Wading Capacity". and suspension lift. point well noted. Cheers.
  4. does having snorkel will make any difference in the performance of the car while driving in desert?
  5. Hello All, its been few months since i have started off roading with this prestigious club. ultimately, developing interest in everything attached to 4x4 Drives. just a thought came across my mind about snorkel. It is of course beneficial while driving in water streams but is it equally beneficial for driving in desert as well? need to educate myself with all of the expert opinion. @Frederic Hi Frederic, what are your thoughts for having snorkel?
  6. Woow. Santa visited early this year.. @Frederic congrats.. ✌🥳
  7. @BretteNo doubt it was very challenging yet adventurous drive. @Rahimdad thnkx for sharing your experience and your tips which is surely making us climb up the ladder further after every ride. Kindly also advise how can i lower the weight of my pajero? Its completly stock i didn^t touch anything as yet. Thx.
  8. What a kick start for a fewbie.. enjoyed the drive, observed the contrast of the nature. Soft sand to Hard rock. Farms, greenery, spectaculer views.. Thank you all,Enjoyed the drive amd team work. Thank you @Ale Vallecchi for a wonderful drive. Infact i would call it a cocktail Drive. we experienced everything in just one drive. Loved every bit of it. What a start for fewbie.. @Islam Soliman thank you for the tips and the navigations during the drive. Keeping me aware of the tiny cup holes and bushes while blind turns and all. Moreover, Loved the way you sailed across the dunes on ur GMC.... appreciate your support. @Wrangeld friend in need is a friend indeed, thnkx for helping me out for the flag. Unfortunatley, the suction cup couldn^t hold on to it. But really appreciate it. Cheers. @Dagdag Sofiane brother, thank you for backing me up. You really kept an eye on my ride and made me feel comfortable while driving... And ya, your vocal chords are good, i heard you when you were enjoying the music in ur car during break and you were singing like nobody is there... . Stay blessed. Hope to see you all again soon. stay safe.
  9. I am a guy with low maintenance, only if i could get Auto Inflation / Deflation system in my Pajero would do the best for me.. . Any-other clumsy guy around? 🧐
  10. @Syed Raza Hussain congrats mate.. finally, we can start fewbie drives together now... .
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