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  1. This is my second drive, by mistake I registered, i would like to join, if iam not eligible to register before Wednesday, please put me in waiting list,
  2. Nice experience, usefull brief of driving technics with cheerful drive, every one done well, thanks @Ale VallecchiVallecchi, @Alexander Alcala , @Foxtrot Oscar
  3. Awesome drive, nicely lead @sertac, @Rahimdad, @Nivin, continuous drive without any big stuck, excellent convey, all driven well, throughout enjoyed, thanks to all,
  4. Superb session, thanks @Rahimdad, @Brette, really it's a next level Drive, handled nicely, drive took almost 5 hours +, thoroughly enjoyed,
  5. My 1st Fewbie ride, experiecing the baby dunes, lot to learn, thanks @Frederic, @Brette, @Desert Dweller
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