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  1. Unfortunately I have to travel out, i may not able to make it, hope u all can enjoy
  2. Unfortunately got some urgent work in last moment, hope rest all can have fun during drive, 👍
  3. Congratulations @Beide Workuwelcome to intermediate level, see u soon on sand
  4. Hi guys, got some important work tomorrow, hope you all will enjoy the drive,
  5. My very first intermediate drive was a pleasant experience; however, the first few minutes were challenging until the engine warmed up, at which point the rpm increased to their maximum. During the same drive, I experienced two different convey order positions: the first few hours were spent in the position of (SL), and the remaining hours were spent in the position of middle order(MO), I found that MO was the bit easier position, as it required less judgement and more simply following the path of the convey. @Tom B performed admirably as SL, @Mario Cornejo driven well as sweep by closing the loop, @Imteeaz @MMansoorit was a pleasure to drive with you buddies, @varunmehndirattafinally our lead today, took superb path, high dune climbing, cris cross in tall dunes, side sloping, tested our suspension to the maximum limit, what we did today, that I was seeing only in tiktok and reels off roading videos, when we do the same that it was super fun, keep it up, overall a nice experience finish, complete show time throughout the drive, overall satisfaction,
  6. @Rizwanm2 Thanks you for the pleasant drive that I enjoyed and found lovely today, during the beginning of the journey, the convey went through a bit of a difficult surface because of the rain, which caused the sand to settle. Specifically, the tail of the convey went through a muddy terrain, which was a new experience for me today. However, once we reached the solar park, the sand returned to its normal consistency, and the journey became significantly more enjoyable. @Gaurav Soni thanks for some added fun with extra side slopping, ridge ridding, at last, excellent tug to pull out from stuck, @Haitham Khattab driven well as SL. @Gregory as CF given clear instructions for recoveries,
  7. We had a good drive today, throughly enjoyed it, didn't stop very often, covered as much ground as possible, had a full show, was treated to a pleasant experience, and everyone drove safely and efficiently. @Fabien Monleau being CF well instructed to help the convey back in position, @Gaurav Soni as a sweep today nice to see you again, @Ale Vallecchi as a specialist in ridge riding being good learning experience,
  8. Good morning @Hisham Masaad Iam confirming the availability for this drive, please add,
  9. Hi Gaurav, due to some urgency in work, I could make tomorrow drive, have all fun drive's,
  10. @JeromeFJI apologize for the late information, I have to travel Oman for my official meeting, enjoy the drive,
  11. @Gaurav Soni Confirm the availability for this drive from my side, I did not enrole in other drives,
  12. @Gaurav Soni please confirm the start location, seems provided link is showing some where near Damac hills,
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