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  1. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi. It was a very chilled out cruise for the perfect Friday drive! the route plotted was very well thought of. Slip Face side always challenging but hey we don't want the sun in our eyes! Fun drive, excellent vibe and best of all new learnings. Thanks @J J for the pics of Ariana. Ciao! @Foxtrot Oscar try Clifden from Oakley. They balance the color and helps in reading dunes. tried and tested.
  2. Hi Great drive, with some really great people. Patience is key! This group displayed that with finesse. I finally learnt the shovel is important and its not about winching in the first go. At start I was worried with the momentum, but guess everyone needs time to understand the dunes! Once pace was initiated it was a great drive. Thank You For the lead! @Srikumar Thank you @J J for the intro.
  3. Hi Guys , Junaid here , new into the club ..I have been driving for 2 years , and an ex-marshal with the jeepers club . @jj can vouch for my driving and credibility. Would love to join this drive.
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