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  1. Great going @Mark B; congratulations on attaining the new level. Keep driving..
  2. Heartiest congratulations on the promotion @Mohit Gurnani. it was nice meeting you last week; enjoy the thrills and more...
  3. @Marketa Dobesova well done and keep climbing! Congratulations on the promotion.
  4. Well done @Benjamin Congratulations and welcome to the support team.
  5. Thank you @Davie Chase for organizing such an amazing drive this morning. My first under your lead and I’m already looking forward to more. The stats say it all; if not for my own stuck, it would have been a shovel/rope free drive. Simply loved the pure driving experience with absolute radio silence for long stretches. @FERNANDO SYRIO you were superb as second lead, very well done. @Rk ram, @Deepak Eswar and @Pavel Pashkovskiy, you guys were simply excellent. It was nice meeting and driving with you all. thank you Gautam @Looperfor the support; it’s always great and reassuring to be in any drive with you wish you all a great weekend ahead
  6. Congratulations Davie, keep driving and now keep leading…
  7. Great going Gautam, heartiest congratulations and wish you more! @Looper
  8. Wish you a wonderful day and the year ahead - happy B'day Sri.
  9. Another option is to look for desert tactical boots on amazon.
  10. Many happy returns of the day @Gaurav; wish you many more filled with health and happiness. Like our beloved JW, keep driving and leading...
  11. Heartiest congratulations @Ale Vallecchi. You were and remain an inspiration; keep surfing!
  12. Hi @Varun Mehndiratta, regret to decline the rsvp as my weekly pass got revoked by the powers that be - business travel came up yesterday which will see me leaving Dubai on Sunday. Wish you all a wonderful drive
  13. I've had the kill switch installed in the past and vouch for its ease of use, functionality and peace of mind (not having to remember to press the TC after every shift from L to H or between 4H to 2H). Having said that, after the switch failed during one of the drives some three months ago, have been using the onboard switch and loving it. As Gaurav mentioned, step 1 is single press which deactivates TC, step 2 is the press and hold for 5-7 seconds until you see the notification of ESC off on the dash. My Jeep, since its special, doesn't need to be in N to do the above steps, do check yours if its special too Now comes the cumbersome part compared to a kill switch; one needs to remember to disengage TC/ESC whenever there's a change between 2H, 4H, 4L or if one restarts the engine. In hindsight, i could have very well saved 400 dhs+++
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