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  1. Many happy returns of the day @Frederic.Wish you a wonderful day and the year ahead.
  2. Hi Deepak, heartiest congratulations on the new level; wish you many more
  3. Congratulations @Fabien Monleau, well done and well deserved.
  4. Despite best efforts, couldn’t wrap up an urgent topic at work and need to see it through over the weekend. My bad that I need to drop out at this late stage - my apologies. Wish you all a wonderful drive.
  5. Hi @JeromeFJ, was much looking forward to getting back to the sands; unfortunately work called seems like i will be in office this Saturday. Wish you all a fun filled drive.
  6. Dear Doctor @M.Seidam, heartiest congratulations for the much deserved promotion.
  7. Have waited in vain! but expected from the die hard fans!! look forward to hearing the war stories. Have a great one guys,
  8. Destiny conspired against me yesterday at work - couldn't reach a device until well past 7 to respond, thankfully landed only 3rd in the WL. Now I'm having a severe symptom of FOMO and my overcharged J factor is anxiously waiting for three people to suddenly get some super exciting work on saturday night or sunday morning and drop out 🤪
  9. Thank you @Hisham Masaad for curating yet another fantastic drive packed with action right from the word go. It was wonderful to see the convoy keeping up with the pace and challenges you set. It was a very satisfying drive which checked all the boxes - safety, fun and excitement. thanks @Brette and @JeromeFJ for all the support. @Gerrit Bus, you were wonderful as second lead. @Salim Akhtar, @Jose Thomas, @Haitham Khattab, @Tareq Al Turq, @Imran Kashif and @takeshi sobue, was an absolute pleasure meeting and driving with you. until next week….
  10. it was wonderful observing your driving last sunday. Well done @Imteeaz and very well deserved, Congratulations.
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