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  1. @Mehmet Volga it was transmissions overheating. You’re right maybe I was switching too often... gotta understand this overtime. Till then will follow Marshal advice of driving in D for the newbie drives
  2. I used first and second gear in my last drive and got my car to overheat 😂 I’ll have to practice more in future drives!!
  3. @Lakshmi Narasimhan What is the gearing you were using?
  4. @Frederic : Thanks for the advice. So this option is OUT Will look for more alternatives. @Lakshmi Narasimhan: Are you trying out the auxiliary cooler? Do let us know if you do and what is your feedback
  5. Hi All, Firstly, I AM NOT A MECHNIC NOR A TECHNICAL GUY! Below is just what I have read online and sharing here. Can someone with more experience advise if this is legit/ will work? "The viscous clutch fan has a bi-metallic plate in the middle that should be curved and not straight. By having it curved the fan can work at lower engine speed and prevent transmission from overheating along with improving aircon performance as well." One can make a more curve with a flat screw driver...this would make the fan reduce slipping at low speed thus blowing more air to cool the radiator
  6. @Wrangeld & @Nivin: Many thanks for the amazing drive. I really enjoyed it. I just wished I could have managed with the recovery...anyways we can summarize it as a great learning opportunity. Special thanks to all the members of the convoy for exhibiting such great team spirit and patience during the full duration. Just to let you guys know my car did not overheat again - will surely investigate this issue further and share on the relevant forum. Thanks and see you guys next time !! & Belated Happy Birthday Richard🎂
  7. @Warren Flay just out of curiosity what gears were you using or rather which gear did you maintain consistently?
  8. - 2018 3.8 LWB - PSI 14 all round Driving on tiptronic. Was on my 2nd drive today and faced overheating twice. Had to drop off from the drive after 70% of completion (disappointing). Initial half I was in tiptronic and faced heating during a refusal. Moved to D mode thereafter under guidance of @Wrangeld. Drove for a bit n then got the sign again. After second round of cooling it was fine however by then it was time for me to drop off. Not a subject matter expert but maybe my gear shifts were not ‘ideal’.
  9. @Rahimdad yup I have a spot for Friday morning. Thanks for keeping me on the waitlist. Won’t be able to join this drive although would have loved to drive around that area. Hopefully next time!!
  10. @Foxtrot Oscar , @Mohamed Seidam & @Rahimdad thanks for the warm welcome. Really looking forward to learning from the club members and their experiences and eventually giving back to the community. @Rahimdad bhai surely we all need to respect the restrictions to win the battle against COVID-19. I’ll hone up both my off road skills and flying and hopefully once things get better will get a chance to take some great images/ videos of the group and trips.
  11. Hi All, My name is Jeetu and I joined the club only last month. I am originally from India but have grown up in this lovely country UAE. I have seen its evolution over the past 30+ years from a point where Dubai World Trade Center was the tallest building (in Dubai) to becoming this marvelous country with amazing man made wonders. The desert was always a place that intrigued me but never got around to venture it. By joining Carnity I feel I have joined a fabulous community of people and I am going to enjoy and learn at the same time. Have done my Absolute newbie drive with @Srikuma
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