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  1. Sure thing man the pics are with the listing on Ebay! Hey! Yep pics are on ebay with the listing
  2. Hi all and Freddy's convoy Thanks for today it was a laugh and a nice change from the usual Here's link with a few pics and videos today of you all crossing and the random ostrich I spotted Until next time https://we.tl/t-ws0WUpDmkO
  3. Hey Freddy, Out of interest do you have the pin for the exit point? Thanks mate Imran
  4. Some guy told me that one of his customers got the approval to install a mini cell site into his car so he always has signal Crazy huh
  5. Guys on this topic can anyone tell me a place to get some lights that are semi decent without having to sell my kidney? Thank you all
  6. Guys good news I have ordered a new flag: Great drive today was brilliant! Great seeing you all and congrats on the new motor Rob! See you all again soon and enjoy your weekend!
  7. Didn't meet him like the others but he was in front of me on stage and I took a discreet pic I won't lie I was so nervous lol I wish I just asked him for a pic
  8. Hi @DP1011 , Deepak wranglerI hope your well. Could you please send that video to me to my WhatsApp or a link to save the quality to 058 598 2653 thank you brother
  9. Ibrahim my son never asks for food which is annoying but when he saw hishams cooking he went straight for it I was so proud thank you Hisham.
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