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  1. Hi @Looper and the entire convoy I just want to say that today was brilliant A mix of tech, dunes and speed. A really fun drive it was my birthday so my wife agreed to join me lol which was nice she enjoyed it too Anyway have a great week all and stay safe. I hear the weather could be iffy towards the end of the week
  2. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought you was already support !!🫡
  3. @Davie Chase rough ideling fixed! New filter and resealed the snorkle to the s and b air filter. The car is dripping again and the rough ideling is sorted! Now for the rusty spark plugs 😂
  4. Hi Davie Great drive mate and yes chilled today to be honest which in good with as the guys in the middle were fantastic at supporting all the issues! No complaints from me! Think I figured it out The throttle body is filthy because the air filter was faulty so process of elimination. When I put the AC on the load is straining the car as throttle body full of crap So elimination process 1. New s and b air filter done 2. Throttle body cleaned again for the 3rd time in an month (because of the air intake) 3. Keep an eye on it and if it happens again then need to figure out why the throttle body keeps getting dirty Last and not least get the snorkle resealed I noticed this when I stripped it down after the drive : (going to ravon thenguys that installed it to get resealed Tomo morning )
  5. @Davie Chasemorning mate let me know if you need another pair of hands on the drive im ready.
  6. @Batuhan Kulachey man missing you Mr B! Let me know what garage and if you recommend. WhatsApp me if it's against the rules
  7. Ok @Gauravthanks. If you have a recommendation please pm me and I'll look into it. Thanks again
  8. Morning guys Unfortunately need to duck out of this drive. The last ten days are tough and I will not be sufficiently rested dua to the night prayers. First one was last night and I just woke up! Enjoy and see you after Ramadan Imran
  9. Good Day All, My spark plugs seem to have rusted and jammed in the sockets. Taken it to a garage and they say they are worried it will snap inside if they try to remove them. My question is: do you know of a garage that is good with dealing with this situation as delicately as possible so they can be removed in one piece? Toyota FJ cruiser 2013 Thanks Imran
  10. Hi Simon Today's drive will brilliant. Full of adrenaline! Could you move me from waitlist to manage so the drive is counted please. ? Thanks
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