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  1. Was here last Sunday with loop. Incredible area with almost no tracks. Looong Sideys and great place for fewbies to become confident in crisscrossing and ridge riding. Could we perhaps also plan in heading slightly south east after entry to get a taste of the taller dunes there Davie? Regardless, it will be a great drive. See you all then.
  2. Pleasure as always driving under your lead @Looper. At long last I got my sticker, right above Ale's LRDG one. Feel like a boy scout collecting badges 😂. I wish you all a good week ahead. Dig and claw 💪💪💪
  3. Those pictures look incredible!!! Welcome
  4. Add X-terra to your list. Even stock those things are tough yet light making them highly capable in the dunes. Cheap to fix, maintain and to buy. Pajero is everything above just a bit better as Fred mentioned but they are a little bit more expensive Avoid Jeeps.
  5. @Looper I feel like this upcoming drive will be last Sunday's drive, reloaded... based on the size of those dunes in Fayah on google maps.
  6. JK Squad. Best Squad. Congrats, Enjoy the new level!
  7. We rewrote the laws of physics that day @Looper. Absolutely epic drive, scenery, and terrain. Felt like Liwa all over again. Have a great week all. Till next time. ❤️
  8. Come join Looper's IM drive on Sunday in Nahel. Straight into the meat grinder 😆
  9. Thank you @Ale Vallecchi and the whole convoy for the drive. Challenge completed. It was fun seeing and recovering @Hani Howeedy and @RiadJL. Have a great week ahead. Keep digging. Keep clawing.
  10. i kept it for a few days haha. Turned more heads than a lambo. i was a bit sad when i washed it yesterday
  11. @george charbel AMAZING. New wallpaper acquired. You are a legend.
  12. someone put @Looper in Fred's hall of fame already. The man deserves it hahaha.
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